53 Man Roster Updates and Predictions

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by B-ell-y-iot, Aug 17, 2014.


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    Jan 19, 2014
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    I am guessing we all had Miller penciled in, hopefully the injury bug has come and gone.
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  2. MPbears68

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    My best guess/hope barring new acquisitions, new injuries, or players not recovering who are expected to:

    QB (2)
    Keep only 2-Cutler and Clausen. Palmer will become the backup "speed dial" option since he's unlikely to be signed by anyone else. Fales is a PS candidate and a roster spot shouldn't be wasted on him since no way he's ready to be even a #2 at this point. If he doesn't clear waivers or gets signed away during the season, so be it and no loss. Notice how he didn't get a single snap vs Jacksonville. That's because he isn't a viable NFL QB in any capacity right now.

    RB/FB (4)
    Forte and Fiametta are locks with Carey a near lock due to recent draft status. Draughn is in the lead for the last spot and prob will be MF's primary backup. Perry, Lynch, and Ford are basically battling to be PS options and that's the order of like hood I'd put them in. Ford has had a horrible July/August so he's a goner IMO.

    TE (3)
    Bennett is a lock and Rosario a near-lock now that Miller is out of the picture. Mulligan and Mastroud are fighting for the 3rd spot and Mully is ahead.

    OL (9)
    Last years starting 5, DLP, and Britton are locks. Ola looks like he's securing the 8th spot especially since he can play multiple line positions. That leaves the last opening up for grabs between Brown, Leno, and maybe Groy. Boggs and JLong are good riddance and the rest are camp fodder IMO. One or two of the cuts (Leno? Groy?) are PS possibilities.

    WR (6)
    Marshall, Jeffery, and MWilson are locks and I see Morgan and Williams as near-locks. Holmes should win the 6th spot if A) he demonstrates gas left in the tank, B) isn't an attitude problem, and C) the ST needs gets filled somehow. The latter is a huge wildcard right now as we need another returner somewhere. Losing Hixon in the spring is starting to sting because he was that crossover depth KR/PR/WR guy we are lacking right now.

    DL (10)
    Allen, Houston, Young, Paea, Sutton, Ferguson, and Ratliff are locks. I want Collins as the 5th DT even if he's still working his way back to 100% as he's versatile enough to play 3t and NT. That leaves Bass and Corny fighting for the last roster spot. Lane should be cut. No one else has a prayer.

    LB (6)
    Briggs, DJW, Bostic, and Shea are in. Greene looks improved and he's a near-lock. Senn and CJones are fighting for the last spot unless they keep 7. Lattiimore is a PS candidate.

    CB (5)
    This is an easy call as Tillman, Jennings, Fuller, and Hayden are locks and McMannis has already won the last position. Frey is IR'd or cut and Hurst & Louis-Jean are PS options. Maybe they keep a 6th CB if they go with just 4 Safeties but I see 5/5 as more likely.

    S (5)
    Mundy, Vereen, and Conte are in (feel free to laugh if you're an irrational Conte-hater but he's our best pure FS right now). McCray is likely to make it for ST duty. AWilson is the wildcard. If he doesn't make it (and I think he will), then Steltz survives yet again by a fingernail. Most likely Steltz and MDJ hit the road.
  3. jackiejokeman

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    Thats what pre seasons all about ... making predictions of a 90 member crew is like pissing in the wind.

    Miller and Weems man ... both gone. Big hopes. Maybe we get Miller back.

    We better get ready for Seattle ... dem boyz aint fuckin around.

    They want our BEARS HEAD mounted on a pike. We cant let that happen.
  4. B-ell-y-iot

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    Jul 15, 2014
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    I think the preseason is all about making those assessments and predictions, trying to get a sense of where the players are at and who our best candidates are. As a fan, I use the preseason to familiarize myself with the players and, of equal importance, where the coaching staff is. By making roster predictions I'm able to compare and contrast the coaches' choices with my own both to calibrate (so I have a better understanding of why someone might be selected over someone else) and to critique direction.

    I also think it's fun. Football is one of my interests and analyzing it is another. Constructing a roster lets me engage and enjoy football during the preseason.
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  5. Bearsinhouston

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    I feel the same way, which is why I don't bother, but I think is definitely a fun speculation and a very valid thing to do. I mean, if you've got the time, why the hell not? Kind of like the draft (but with MUCH better odds to be right). Even if you are wrong... so what?
  6. jackiejokeman

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    Needless to say this game could set the tempo of the season for us ...

    all we have to do is walk with a WIN ... or a less then embaressing loss.

    Weve played both preseasom teams tight so far ...

    just enuff of what it took to beat them.

    If it does come to a loss ... it cant be a blowout.

    This is where PRIDE steps up at.

    WHOS the better team ? I say its us.
  7. little bear

    little bear
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    Sep 6, 2008
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    No Trevor Scott? After watching him play in TC and PS I think he deserves a roster spot.
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  8. The Benjamin

    The Benjamin
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    George Halas
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    Oct 16, 2006
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    Your 53 man roster as predicted by The Benjamjn



    Jay Cutler
    Jimmy Clausen,

    Running backs

    Matt Forte
    Ka'Deem Carey
    Shaun Draughn
    FB Tony Fiammetta

    Wide receivers

    Brandon Marshall
    Alshon Jeffery
    Marquess Wilson
    Santonio Holmes
    Josh Morgan
    Chris Williams

    Tight ends

    Martellus Bennett
    Matthew Mulligan

    Offensive line

    Jermon Bushrod
    Matt Slauson
    Roberto Garza
    Kyle Long
    Jordan Mills
    Brian de la Puente
    Eben Britton
    Michael Ola
    Taylor Boggs
    James Brown


    Defensive line

    Jared Allen
    Lamarr Houston
    Willie Young
    Jeremiah Ratliff
    Stephen Paea
    Ego Ferguson
    Will Sutton
    Trevor Scott
    David Bass
    Cornelius Washington


    Lance Briggs
    D.J. Williams
    Jon Bostic
    Shea McClellin
    Khaseem Greene
    Christian Jones

    Tim Jennings
    Charles Tillman
    Kyle Fuller
    Kelvin Hayden
    Sherrick McManis

    Ryan Mundy
    Brock Vereen
    Chris Conte
    Danny McCray
    Adrian Wilson

    K Robbie Gould
    P Pat O'Donnell
    LS Chad Rempel
  9. soulman

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    Oct 14, 2004
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    QB: (2) Cutler, Clausen, 50/50 on Palmer as a 3rd QB.

    RB/FB: (4) Forte, Draughn, Carey, Fiametta

    TE: (3) Bennett, Mulligan, Rosario

    WR: (5) Marshall, Jeffery, Morgan, Holmes, CWill

    OT: (4) Bushrod, Mills, Roland, Ola

    OG: (4) Slauson, Long, Britton, De la Puente

    OC: (1) Garza

    DE: (4) Allen, Houston, Young, Scott, 50/50 on either Bass or Washington

    DT: (5) Ratliff, Paea, Collins, Sutton, Ferguson

    LB: (6) Briggs, DWill, Bostic, McClellin, Greene, Jones

    S: (5) Conte, Mundy, Wilson, Vereen, McCray

    CB: (5) Tillman, Jennings, Fuller, McManis, Hayden

    P: (1) O'Donnell

    PK: (1) Gould

    LS: (1) Hartson

    That's 51 with 2 spots open for Palmer and Bass or Washington
  10. MPbears68

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    You are right, my bad. I meant to list Scott as a "near-lock" (included him mentally in the 9 DLs I think/should make the final 53). Thanks for pointing out the oversight. I definitely think Scott has nailed down the 4th DE spot.
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