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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Bearsinhouston, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Some quick observations after two games

    1) The OL is much better than I expected it to be at this point. They really have not played together very long and that is what usually makes a great line. Without having had that benefit, they are very good and so I think their arrow is pointing up. I believe they will only get better.

    2) With more time, Cutler has been much better. That is to be expected. However, he still seems to make at least one bone headed decision per game. I do think that the mentoring under Trestman will help, but I like to call them as I see them and I am not sure they will go away completely. I am and have always been a Cutler fan, but those kind of decisions against good teams are the sort of things than can turn a win into a loss. I still have not decided if Cutler is going to be the Bears QB of the future or not. I think it can still go either way. This coaching staff has the ability to recognize talent and develop QB talent. If they think that they can get a young guy that will take them further than Cutler, I do not put it past them to take that shot if Cutler does not stop with the bad decisions. Not saying I think he will be gone, nor am I saying he is exactly what we need. What I am saying is I can make an effective argument either way right now.

    3) The defensive line is just not getting any pressure. I want to see what happens in Pittsburg. Their OL is not very good. If we can’t get pressure there, we could be in real trouble against the elite teams. If this is something in relation to our DC (I don’t think so) then it could be a long year.

    4) Our DL play so far is a glimpse of what life without Julius Peppers will be like. Not very good. The silver lining is that Emery does not sit on his hands. He has to see the priority in the DL also.

    5) We need better safety play

    6) In terms of scoring, we are only a little ahead of last year in terms or offensive production. After two games last year we had scored 51 points. This year we are at 55. The difference is we won two games this year and only one last year, but we have looked better this year.

    7) Play calling has been on another level this year. We look like we actually have a game plan and we look like we can react to what is happening on the field.

    8) Having Hester only return kicks has for some reason seemed to be a revelation that was beyond the past coaching staff. He is once again effective, and it makes me even madder that the past coaching staff robbed both Hester and NFL fans the excitement of watching the best returner in the game for the past several years. If they had left him alone, who knows what he might have accomplished. He lost some of his best years.

    9) I honestly believe that with as close as the first two games were, that we would be 0-2 with Lovie and crew. They did not have the same ability to game plan and we would not have gotten the field position from Hester that allowed us to pull out the win against the Vikings.

    10) I can only hope the sloppiness I see is due to the new system, but honestly I think that is just an excuse. Too many errors (TOs) right now. Coaches need to fix this.

    11) All of this is a mixed bag of positives and negatives, but for the first time in years I see reason to be optimistic. This is a tough season and will not be an easy one, but I expect to see weekly progress and growth. The team plays hard and does not give up. The coaches are probably worth a win or two this season all by themselves (we may already have seen some of that).

    12) We should beat the Steelers this Sunday.

    Ok, so maybe some “not very quick” observations. J
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    This ^^^^^^
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    It's hard to disagree with anything you are saying here, BUT (everyone here knows I have no real opinion on the Bears:rolleyes:) yes the DL is suspect lets let a couple issues play out before I'll make my hardcore judgment on them. At least Trestman has some options that they can do which could help but we'll see what progresses in the next few weeks.
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    I was thinking the same thing on the Steelers game. If we can't get pressure on Big Ben we are in trouble at DL. Of course getting pressure on BB & tackling him are two different things.

    Haven't seen ya posting much lately. Hope all is well.
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    It's really great seeing the many saying this , the more I read post like this the more I know this isn't a dream
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    Pretty good summary, BIH.
    1) Agree completely
    2) I can deal with one Cutler TO per game on average. That's a reasonable goal. He had 3 last Sunday, one of which cost us a TD and one which gave them a TD. That's a 14 pt swing and a big reason why it was a nail biter rather than an easy win which it should have been at home. Make that level of mistakes in ball security against a better team (NO, GB, etc) and we will LOSE. I still believe that the play call (by Kromer apparently) to throw over the middle with 1st and goal from the 1 when you have a damn good power back in Bush is STUPID and RISKY. Don't do that again.
    3-4) Agree completely, goes without saying. I know there's reasons for it with Pep and Melton but they both need to pick it up and soon. No point paying big money for what we have seen thus far (very prematurely).
    5) Major Wright has bit on a few fakes and it has hurt us. Conte is the real deal but MW needs to step up to earn a contract IMO.
    6-11) Agree completely, with the exception of a few crappy series of play calls last Sunday. Having two possessions within the 5 on 1st and goal and coming away with only 3 points total was very Lovie-esque and sucky. That needs to be 10 points minimum. And stripping AP at the 50 and then going 3 and out on three runs wasn't impressive either. That kind of takeaway opportunity has to result in at least another 3. And we are paying Bush a couple mill to be a power goal line back so USE HIM on 1st and goal from inside the 1. Make the other team prove they can can stuff him.
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    I do think that we will draft at least 1 or 2 DL next year. Specifically 1 DT and 1 DE. We may also have to look to the street. We need to get them going though.

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