A Religeous Experience?????.....

Discussion in 'Anything But Football' started by soulman, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Had to share this one. It's a 1971 episode of the Lawrence Welk Show as Myron Floren introduces Gayle and Dale doing "one of the newer songs" of the day. I almost split a gut laughing. Obviously the producers and staff has no idea at all about the significance of the lyrics. The mere mention of "Sweet Jesus" and "Sweet Mary" must have made it a praise song right? :bah:

    I gotta wonder how many heads rolled (no pun intended) after the staff learned the true meaning of the lyrics. :blunt: Larry must have had a shit fit to think of the stench of weed mixing with the effervescence of his champagne bubbles. Ah but life's better with a joint than with a drink I think.

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