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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by tbear1, Oct 25, 2014.

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    We have all had our fill of Cutler threads this week. I think the coaching staff needs to step up their game. I would like them to be more prepared, learn from what doesn't work, and hold players accountable. These are a couple of my adjustments.

    -Run the ball at least 39.6479% of the time. (I don't care what the absolute goal is, but track it during the game. If you don't measure it, you don't care.)
    -Bench Mills. (I want him around for the long term, but he is making too many mistakes.)
    -Be aggressive on defensive stunts and deception to confuse Brady. (Too often we are not aggressive enough with the blitz. Yes we expose ourselves but if we beat Brady we win.)
    -If Jay hasn't developed a tempo and scored points by 7:00 minutes into the second quarter, put in Clausen. We can put Jay back in the second half, but we need accountability. We need to get Jays attention that he needs to deliver points and elevate his team mates.

    I still predict a loss and realize Clausen will not see the field unless something unfortunate like an injury happens.

    What are your adjustments?
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    I'd like to see Holmes and/or Morgan play a bigger role in the game plan. Whether the reason they have been thrown to for a combined 21 times (8TA 5C for Morgan 13TA 7C for Holmes) is game planning, lack of vision by Cutler, or poor route running by the receivers is a mystery to me, but I think it's important to bring them into the game and force the Patriots to be be responsible for them on the field.

    On the offensive line, something needs to be done at the RT spot. Mills just isn't playing effectively and his play is dramatically affecting the offensive production. I think OLa has shown he can play effectively and I think he has earned the spot over Mills. In the bye week I would seriously consider trying Long out at RT and then bring DLP in at RG. We need to protect Cutler and Mills isn't working this year. Last week Miami pressured Cutler 18 times, Atlanta pressured him 23 times, Carolina pressured him 15 times, GB 12, Carolina 18. Most of that pressure is coming from the Right side of the offensive line, and it's not Long fucking up. I would like to see the coaches fix that and at this stage in the game, it's hard to see how Mills is the best answer at that spot.

    Forte needs to get the ball more. He's having, arguably, the best statistical season of any RB in the league when considering his contributions in pass protection, catching, and rushing. I don't know how that looks percentage wise, but I like the idea of having a clear target to ensure he's being utilized on the field. I think Forte, a 3rd WR, and our TE are our best hopes of being successful against the number one ranked passing defense in the league.

    On defense, last weeks elevation of Young from a rotational pass rusher to the dominat player in the rotation, looked disastrous to me. He was ineffective and served as a liability on the right end on early downs. I think Young is an effective rotational pass rusher, but he can't be carrying the team. He took more snaps last week than Allen and Houston and while Young isn't a huge step down from either in the pass rush game (maybe even a step up) as an all around end, he's considerably less refined and that showed up. He had 0 pressures and while he had 4 tackles, 3 of them were plays he chased down after getting beat. This week I'd like to see them use Young as the rotational guy where he is most effective.stick with what's worked for him.

    I'd definitely like to see more blitz packages on defense. Especially if we have both Shea and Jones on the field. We should be able to get some effective penetration and truthfully,we've played better ball in man coverage than zone this year anyway. Jones and Shea are going to be exploited in the pass game, so try to keep them out of it by pressuring the QB.

    I'd really fucking like to see Shea play with some aggression. The coaches need to find a way to make this kid play aggressively. Is there a pill that can irritate? I don't think motivating him is enough, he needs to have a primal blood lust that just isn't there. If he's gonna be on the field ( which is questionable IMO) he needs to find some rage and hatred and quit being the skillful boys scout who gets dragged around.

    It'll be good to have Conte back for a QTR or two, he should be able to help out in coverage and here's hoping that Mundy can be the 8th man to support the run so we can keep Conte in the game a bit longer. My sense is that Gronk is gonna get matched up with Conte early on and Gronk will punish the glass man which means Vereeniging is gonna have to keep improving. He had a good game last week (individually he had a good game, as a team we had a bad game).

    I think the biggest thing I want to see improve this week from last is the score. I want a win but I'd settle for a solid performance. I think we can beat these guys, but we'll need strong performance by both our coaches and players and we'll need some fucking heart which at times has seemed to be lacking primarily on the offensive side of the ball.
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    This is the biggie ^^^^^
    Shame on us if we don't exploit the Pats by using our #1 weapon against their #1 weakness. I just don't see us being successful against their pass defense if we go pass happy. If we do the "pass happy" thing again we lose.
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    Simple...hit Brady! Lots!
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    1) Balance the run/pass ratio a lot more... 34% run to 66% pass is a joke.

    2) Run on first down more... 42% passing on 1st down is a joke.

    3) Use more motion... this will help you identify zone/man coverage more often.

    4) Alternate protections with the RB and the TE, especially to Mills side... you need the threat of the TE running routes to keep the LBs and Safeties honest, if the TE is staying home to block too much, you allow the defense to tee off against the run.

    5) Use Holmes and Williams to stretch the field occasionally... this will help keep those safeties from settling over the top, waiting for tips/overthrows. It will also force the CBs to play off more often, opening up the shorter WR routes.

    6) Have outside runs as a check when defenses show blitzes up the gut... also have inside runs as a check when defenses show blitzes off the edge.

    7) Set up manageable down and distances with conservative play-calling... stop trying to be cute with over complicated nonsense and be ok with establishing the run game before taking shots.
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    Two things.... both interconnected.

    #1. Get to Brady

    #2. Win the Turnover battle. The D needs to take a couple and the O needs to practice ball control.
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