Agent's Take: Cutler, Suh, Romo top list of high-end NFL cap issues

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Feb 17, 2014.

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    CBS Sports, Jason La Canfora also had this to say (LINK):

    "GM Phil Emery wasn't the one who vastly overspent for Peppers (that was since-fired GM Jerry Angelo), so I don't believe for a second he will play the sporadic performer $14M (counting $18.2M against the cap). In fact, Emery would be a fool to do so with all of Bears' other needs on defense. Save his $14M in cap space -- which they need with Jay Cutler counting a ridiculous $22.5M against the cap -- and let Peppers go. Cutting Bennett saves another $2.45M, key for a team only $7M under the cap and likely to lose significant free agents."


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