All-American CFL QB busts

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    Intertesting story from a few years ago about the difference in the games for the QB.

    In a perfect world, Andre Ware could've been a Doug Flutie clone; T.J. Rubley would've been Anthony Calvillo before anyone this side of Utah State knew there was an Anthony Calvillo, and Jason Gesser should've been a household name today beyond his own living-room walls.
    They are the all-American kids and along with such luminous college football icons as Eric Crouch, Akili Smith, Don McPherson, Tommie Frazier, Tony Rice and Major Harris, there was every indication that they were perfectly suited to conquer the Canadian Football League.
    The scouting reports said they had it all - strong of arm and will, quick or fast or both. They should've been able to capture a country's football ideals.
    Instead, they flashed through our universe like a phoenix that could not raise itself beyond mediocrity in a game they often never grew to understand.
    Instead, they are just names on a long list of Heisman Trophy winners and contenders, superb, all-American athletes who could thrive in front of a hundred thousand screaming faithful in the temples of U.S. college ball but floundered on a Canadian prairie pasture or in Hogtown and Steeltown in front of family and friends and half-empty stadiums. More...
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