Am I the ONLY Bears fan who STRONGLY feels that

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BradMustersGhost, Oct 15, 2013.

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    i'll take 100 + wins and a super bowl in 11 seasons. I don't know if he is or is not over rated. I know he won a lot more then he lost, and he had a pretty good eye for talent. granted not at QB but name me 1 bears coach who has.

    I would also like to take issue with the 85 team having a "easy schedule" I don't think that's true. lets not forget we beat the afc champs in week 2 along with killed them in the super bowl. we shut out both the giants, and rams in the playoffs, something that iirc had or has never been done before. oh and we handed the cowboys there biggest defeat ever. wait but the super bowl champs of 1984 beat us. . . no, no they didn't. so I don't think it was a "easy schedule".

    I like Ditka, always have. but then again I was born in 1985, so I grew up with him. I do remember the wheels coming off after he left. also before he got to Chicago we had been to the playoffs only 2x sense the super bowl started. with Ditka we got to the playoffs 7 times. and beat buddy ryans eagles in one of those games. maybe he is over rated, only history will tell, but lets be honest the guy brought a championship and a respectable team to Chicago.

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