Andy Dalton gets six-year deal

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    Sources: Dalton, Bengals reach $115M deal

    The Cincinnati Bengals and quarterback Andy Dalton have agreed on a six-year, $115 million contract extension, sources told ESPN on Monday.
    Dalton, who signed the deal Monday, had one year remaining on his rookie contract and was scheduled to make slightly less than $1.7 million.
    The Bengals announced the extension Monday without disclosing financial terms.
    This past weekend, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said Dalton's play during training camp has been "sensational."
    "I've been very pleased with where he is and where he's headed," Jackson said. "It's our whole football team.
    "I've been impressed with him since I've gotten to be the coordinator, but I've been really impressed with him over the last couple of days, because I think he's really starting to buy in to the urgency, getting the ball out of his hands and making great decisions. That was a great throwaway when we were backed up. There were times in the past the ball might have gone someplace else."
    The Bengals, however, are still waiting for Dalton to be sensational during the postseason, when he is 0-3 as a starter.
    Dalton has guided the Bengals to a 30-18 mark during the regular season and three straight trips to the playoffs. His career QBR during the regular season is 51.5; it is 18.1 in postseason play.
    Bengals owner Mike Brown had said during camp that Dalton will be "the quarterback here for the immediate future."
    Cincinnati opens its preseason Thursday night at Kansas City.



    I had a hard time justifying Flacco's $120MM deal but at least he won a Super Bowl. A complete overpayment for an average to above-average QB who is 0-3 in the playoffs (56% completion, 1 TD 6 INT).
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    Spottrac has the total amount wrong, but only has the guaranteed money at 17 mil(might also be wrong). He's also got time to grow, only in his 3rd year. Cincy is a loser org that is slowly trying to turn it around, and he has the O weapons to really help him out, Eifert/Gresham/Green and Bernard. I think their D is going to hold them more back then their O is.

    Much like the Bears they didn't see an ability to get a sure fire upgrade and decided to stick w/what they got; at least they didn't get raked over the coals like Dallas/SF/Atl/Chi though, all of whom are paying 50-60 mil guaranteed for qb's w/out proving they can win the big one...hell except for Keap those guys can barely make it to, let alone win in the playoffs. So ya way to much for Dalton, but considering the absurd pricing for QB's that aren't that huge of a step up from him it's a steal for a fraction of the guaranteed money.

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