Bears 2014 End of Season Reviews

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    I planned on this much sooner, but it’s been a busy month with my REAL job.

    Top 5 Additions:

    1-Kyle Fuller- Solid perhaps great player for years to come.

    2-Willie Young- Bargain of the 2014 FA class. Deserves a pay raise. Unless, his value to Fangio and a 3-4 scheme is minimal. So that’s a question mark moving forward. As is his end of season injury.

    3-Pat O’Donnel-He's only going to get better. He had his rough rookie moments, but we found our punter for years to come.

    4-Ryan Mundy-Nothing too special about the first half, but he was the best player in the secondary over the last half. Maybe that’s not saying much, but he showed toughness and instincts.

    5-Christian Jones-Perhaps a gem in the making. He can play in this league. He will certainly compete for a starting job this summer.

    Top 5 No Chance in Hell of Returning:

    1-Dj Williams-Urlacher's replacement. Pfft. F minus, Emery. Pace and Fox agree.

    2-Lance Briggs-I had him number one until a few days ago. He was a colossal headache off the field and frequent liability on the field in the final year of his contract. Lousy attitude. Deteriorating skill set. Did I mention lousy attitude? Easy to say goodbye for me. HOWEVER…it might be a slim chance, but perhaps Fox and Fangio, with little to build around at the position at the moments, decide a 1 year deal might not be the worst thing in the world. I’m sure with Fox and Fangio taking no crap, Briggs might re-discover his passion to be a Bear. But I still think he’s GONE.

    3-Chris Conte- His physical gifts when healthy are tantalizing. But when is he healthy? Not often enough to stay any longer.

    4-Khaseem Greene-4th rd bust at this point. When you can’t get on the field with the LB's we trotted out there this year it doesn't say much about ya.

    5-Danny McCray-Joe D. is gone and so is McCray. We can do better.

    Top 5 Players:

    1-Matt Forte- Mr. Versatile. Snubbed BIG TIME for that retarded Pro Bowl. Still in his prime for another couple of years.

    2- Martellus Bennett- After nearly breaking our top rookie’s neck because the heat got to him, he grew up and became aTop 3 TE in football in my opinion.

    3-Kyle Long- Sky's the limit. Time for THE MOVE though (I’ll have more on this soon). Slide Bushrod over to RT.

    4-Stephen Paea- Finally became the man’s man we first saw at the 2011 combine. This man is ferocious. Easy to want back but staff must decide if he’s a fit.

    5- Willie Young- His passion and fire are infectious on those around him. And he can fly around that edge when his ears were pinned back. But he’s a question mark for 2015.

    Top 5 Disappointments:

    1-Jay Cutler - For the contract alone.

    2- Lamarr Houston-Another contract failure. Sack dance acl tear. PATHETIC.

    3-Jared Allen-Money theme going here. Though at least he played with heart.

    4-TJ- Cant shake this money thing. Wow. These 4 guys contracts just made me realize how bad Emery really was.

    5-Lance Briggs-Mostly because he had NO heart from day 1.

    Top 5 Re-signs:

    1-Stephen Paea-No brainer if he’s a fit in a new scheme. Only problem is many other teams are saying no brainer too. So we might have to pay handsomely.

    2-Peanut-No brainer to those of us who still think he's the best DB on the roster. Which he is. Soon Fuller will be. Sooner with Peanut's guidance for another season. Emery already proved that Tillman will play for peanuts (pun totally intended). Bring him back. Sure he might get hurt again. But on the chance he doesn't, it's TOTALLY worth it.

    3-Demontre Hurst- Showed he belongs. Easily his nickel job to lose. But again..scheme dependent.

    4- Brian DLP-A Pace guy from New Orleans. Versatile. Let him and Garza battle it out.

    5-Al Louis-Jean-(I almost put Clausen here because good backup QB’s are hard to find. But did one game of average play and some fire qualify him as a good backup QB? Not sure). Raw but worth developing. He could be another diamond in the rough like Christian Jones. Has the measureables you love.

    Top 5 Surprise Cuts:

    1-Jermon Bushrod- It’s not likely considering Pace's connection, but he did NOT earn his fat paycheck in 2014. That needs to change. One more year to prove himself. If he looks shaky in camp and pre-season…move Long to LT and slide Bushrod to RT. Because if Cutler’s blindside is not protected…Cutler will keep being Jay Cutler…even in the new offense.

    2- Jay Cutler-Don't tell me the Bills wouldn't cut a deal. Or perhaps the Jets or Titans. I wouldn’t even rule out the Rams. But it’s looking like Cutler might get one more year due to the money.

    3-Jared Allen- Again, not likely more due to the money he’s owed. Not the player he once was. Not worth the money. I say pay cut or DUMP HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE. His fit in a 3-4 is VERY questionable.

    4-Shea-Why keep beating a dead horse? Unless of course the scheme switches to a 3-4. Then I think you gotta give him one last look.

    5-Marquess Wilson- He’s not what we thought. Drops are unacceptable. Can he get better? Maybe. Do we have time to find out? No, damnit. I want to win NOW.

    See ya in the fall with 2015 stuff!
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    Mostly disagree with your lists. Let's start with the additions.


    Solid is not a word that should appear next to Fuller unless there are other adjectives used to modify the meaning of solid (eg. not solid). Fuller looked fine in the first part of the season until he was forced to match up against high end talent, then he was targeted and abused. Might make the top 5 acquisitions only because our acquisitions overall looked horrible. He did get a lot of experience last year (and a lot of snaps) hopefully his confidence wasn't destroyed.

    William Young:
    Young had a number of sacks, but overall looked very inconsistent. He was able to get pressure when he was unblocked or only had to beat one man. He benefited from dbl teams placed on Houston, Paea, and Ratliff. When Houston went down, Young's true colors showed up and he was pretty much a non-factor. Add in his Achilles tear, and the dude is a huge question (negative tilt) for the future with the Bears even before you ask the, will he fit the system question.

    Pat O’Donnel:
    Mega punt Pat O’Donnel belongs here. As you pointed out the dude had some inconsistencies, but they were the exception, not the rule. Looks very promising and there is not the lingering question like so many of our defenders.

    Ryan Mundy:
    Ryan Mundy should be number one on this list. No other acquisition came in and made as much of difference as Mundy. He led the team in tackles, interceptions (tied for first) and had a sack. Furthermore, he took 966 snaps (2nd on the team behind only Tim Jennings). Dude was a huge acquisition and gets no love despite putting his all onto the field each and every week. Dude was out to make a statement.

    Christian Jones:
    Jones...Meh. Looked alright. As an undrafted rookie free agent, he definitely was a value acquisition who might develop into something decent. Looked shitty on STeams and got totally annihilated against the Saints. I can't harp on him too much as he was fairly productive in his time on the field. I'm not sold on him as being a legit starter, but has some potential - more than can be said about many of our team's acquisitions.
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    Who is TJ under top 5 disappointments?

    Jennings, or DJ Williams?

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