Bears have to fear a return man, too

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    Jones will be as much a challenge as Hester

    Should Devin Hester break through the other 10 Bengals defenders Sunday in Chicago, Kevin Huber would find himself in a bad way.
    More than likely, the fact Hester’s still running would partially be Huber’s fault and the odds would be stacked heavily against him to avoid an addition to Hester’s NFL punt return record.

    What chance does Huber have to take down Hester, should it devolve into a one-on-one matchup? Huber could only laugh at the concept.

    “Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen,” he said. “I wouldn’t give myself much of a chance against most returners, but I am going to do my best.”

    Huber will be faced with the job of keeping Hester from tying the NFL record for most return touchdowns in a career. Hester already owns the NFL record for punt return touchdowns (12), but stands one behind Deion Sanders (19) for the all-time record in total returns for a score.

    Oh, by the way, he’s played in at least 48 fewer games than anyone else within shouting distance of the record.

    Whether Hester or kicking to Josh Cribbs all those years, the focus of kicking to dangerous returners rarely changes despite differing styles of return.

    “Hester is a very shifty guy, very quick,” Huber said. “Cribbs can run you over. They have different ways of returning, but at the same time, I want to have the same kind of punt each time and force him to the sidelines. I shoot for that every time, it’s just more of an emphasis some times than others.”

    Chicago coach Marc Trestman would agree. Only, he’ll be dealing with his own punt return trouble in Adam Jones.

    He is second among active returners with one touchdown every 23 punt returns. Hester leads with one every 20.5 returns. Expect Jones to take his shot considering he’s gone 65 consecutive punts without a fair catch dating back to 2006 with Tennessee.

    “They’ve got their own Devin Hester,” Trestman said. “We think it’s a great matchup, and between the return games we’re all going to be at the edge of our seats. There’s some juice between the two of them. Pacman still has the vision and can stop and start, and he’s relentless in his determination to bring it back. We know we have to lock into these guys.”

    ILOKA’S CAST: George Iloka broke his right hand throwing a punch at the helmet of linebacker Jordan Campbell during training camp but returned to play the final preseason game of the year. In that game he wrapped a bulgy cast around his hand, one that restricted his ability to catch.
    For the game against Chicago and with Iloka’s health improved, the Bengals will apply a smaller cast designed for improved ability to catch.

    Iloka won the job at safety in the preseason over Taylor Mays and Shawn Williams. He’ll be making his first career start Sunday against Chicago.

    WHITWORTH CLOUDY: Marvin Lewis declared Andrew Whitworth “mostly cloudy” for Sunday’s game – otherwise known as doubtful by NFL injury report jargon.

    Whitworth (knee) hasn’t practiced since preseason games began. He’s likely to see his team-high 67-game start streak snapped against Chicago. Whenever Whitworth’s health does improve, he’ll need practice reps. Expecting him to jump from rehab directly into a game would be asking a lot.

    “I don’t think anyone can do that,” offensive line coach Paul Alexander said. “He’ll have as good a chance as anyone to do that quickly. But he still needs work. No one just steps on the football field and plays well.”

    NEW LEADER: Assuming Whitworth doesn’t start, Domata Peko will take over the team lead for most consecutive games started.

    Peko started the 2009 playoff game to begin his streak of 51 straight. Michael Johnson and Huber take over the longest consecutive games played streak with 67 straight.

    INJURY REPORT: Elsewhere in the injury department, cornerback Brandon Ghee (concussion) and offensive lineman Mike Pollak (knee) are both listed as out on the season’s first injury report. Probable are defensive end Carlos Dunlap (concussion), tight end Tyler Eifert (forearm), cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick (concussion), right tackle Andre Smith (knee) and defensive tackle Devon Still (knee).
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    If they would push a gimpy Whitworth into Sunday's lineup with zero practice reps and no pre-season, Pep will feast on him all day. Career day for Pep. They know that.
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    I'm pretty sure Pacman has been arrested twice since this article was written.
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    The Bears special teams is 100x better than the Bengals.......nuff said.
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    All special teams can go and get ******. Hate special teams.

    On a side note, here's hoping Hester returns one to the house tomorrow.
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    ANY COACH that claims they're in their right mind ,..that kicks straight on to a dangerous return man needs to be re-evaluated ,.. PERIOD ,...

    It's a matter of kicking away from the dangerous types ,... Daaaaaaah

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