Bears mystery: Who starts at DE opposite Peppers?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by little bear, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Plenty of questions remain about Marc Trestman’s new offense for the Chicago Bears when it comes to Sunday’s season opener.
    But there are not as many for the defense. One mystery remains, though, who will start at defensive end opposite Julius Peppers?

    Corey Wootton and Shea McClellin don’t know yet because the coaches have not told them.

    “We’re still working it,” defensive line coach Mike Phair said after Friday’s practice in the Walter Payton Center, the final before the game. There will be a walk-through on Saturday.

    So, how will the coaching staff make the decision in the 47 hours leading up to kickoff?

    “You see every day we are rolling those guys,” Phair said. “The thing is, they have done a hell of a job just staying ready, ‘Next guy up.’ That kind of mentality. We’ve been rolling with them the same way and we haven’t said yet. We haven’t decided yet.”

    Phair has maintained all offseason he is not overly concerned with who gets the nod as the starter. In the rotation with Peppers, the two others will get considerable playing time. Wootton started the final seven games last season and was on the field for 54.5 percent of the time. McClellin played 34.7 percent of the time. Both should see those figures rise.

    “The amount of reps, all of that stuff, it takes care of itself,” Phair said. “Hey, they’re going to get the same amount of time. Then we have all of the different stuff we’re doing (in terms of packages). You’ve seen how we mix and match guys. It’s not even a thought of, ‘OK, we have to nail down the starter now.’ We’ll talk through it. To the coaches, it doesn’t matter. They have done a hell of a job, just working. They’re treating it the same way. It’s like Day 1, (last season) doesn’t matter. You get reps and you go. That’s been the mind-set. We’ve been trying to treat it that way and the guys have done a nice job staying ready.”

    McClellin has appreciated the work he and Wootton have put in competing for the role.

    “It’s definitely been competitive,” McClellin said. “All camp and throughout the preseason. And I think we’ve just competed with each other and whoever gets the starting job will deserve it.

    “I think we feed off each other. Especially in games. One of us is doing good, the other one steps up. If Corey’s doing good, the next guy wants to do as well. It works out.

    “Corey has been there since last year for me. And we’re really good friends and we’re out there competiting with each other now. So it’s great. He helped me get through last year because mentally it was rough. He’s been there. Learning from Pep has been great too. We’re always helping each other out. One guy’s on the field, we’re keeping an eye on what he needs to improve and vice versa. So it’s been really good.”

    The first-round pick from last season isn’t worrying about the decision that is going to come down soon.

    “To start? It’s not important at all,” McClellin said. “I think no matter who’s starting, we’re both going to be out there the same amount of time and we’re both going to be productive.”
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    I don't know why anyone would be fixated on "who starts" because it doesn't matter. We need BOTH guys to get plenty of reps. This makes our DL so much more dangerous. These are both solid players, and dangerous. Just keep reloading fresh legs in there all day long. It will be deadly effective IMHO.
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    Corey gets the start but that's just a formality. Shea will be playing quite a bit fresh legs is key to fast D. Oh, I also forgot a good dive team is important too I learned that from Urlicker.
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    Corey will probably start because he has more experience. But I think Shea will see just as much time on the field.

    "Corey has been there since last year for me. And we’re really good friends and we’re out there competiting with each other now." I actually wonder how much of these statements are just pure PR moves or if they actually are 100% honest, and that's not just for Shea but for all sports players. Sorry for OT.
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    It's all about the matchups. I see no need to split their time 50-50 if one of them is getting the job done better. If neither is doing much, I want to see Cornelius Washington. He is stronger and faster than either of them. I am eager to see what he can do in a regular season game.
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    Agreed.......we'll definitely wear down their O-line with a good rotation of all our guys getting reps, and like you said our d-line we'll have fresh legs all day.

    This will help our d-line to having a better pass rush, constant pressure and plenty qb hurries.......which will give more chances for our secondary to come up with interceptions.

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