Bears no longer playing Lovie's cover 2

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BSBEARS, May 17, 2014.


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    Yeah, the "Cover Who" scheme was exposed years ago and even Lovie was starting to go away from it to the point where they only played it part of the time. New players with some new coaches so it's time to move on to a better defense.
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    I didn't see where Tucker himself said it was through. Just that he was making changes, but I certainly would not blame him. It didn;t work for him last year as it did for Lovie, so why would he keep it. I'm sure he wants to try and keep his job. He deserves to succeed or fail on his own terms. Whatever he brings in, I hope it is a form of an attacking physical defense.
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    You beat me to it. I think Adam Jahns was looking for something to grab attention when he wrote that and obviously it did. It would probably be more accurate to say they won't be using Lovie's approach to line play as exclusively as he did. Lovie always used a one gap system. It sounds like they're adding some variations to that.

    The Bears aren't the only team playing a base 4-3 that uses a 3 tech DT and a Shade NT inside. Tucker and Pasqualoni have both said they're going to try some different alignments as a run defense and strive for more positional interchangeability in their linemen. All that has to do with is the alignments and gap responsibilities.

    Cover-2 refers to a type of pass coverage where the Safeties each play one half of the field and there is no specific FS or SS. We were getting away from that anyway and once Urlacher was gone that pretty much eliminated an ability to play it the way Lovie coached it. Without Urlacher dropping into that deep middle the Safeties have to adjust their coverage.

    I already saw them playing more press coverage and one deep man under stuff and we'll probably see a little more of that against certain teams but I doubt the Cover-2 look goes away entirely. It just needs to be adjusted if there's no deep drop by the MLB. Three and four WR sets are making Cover-2 somewhat obsolete anyway.
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