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    Kromer: 'When you learn it as you go, that's all you can do to get started'

    By Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune reporter

    5:31 p.m. CDT, July 31, 2013

    BOURBONNAIS — Jay Cutler views his football life one snap at a time.

    To contemplate his future with the Bears beyond this season would be akin to the veteran quarterback trying to find an open receiver with Ndamukong Suh riding on his back.

    "It's another season. It's the same goal in mind," Cutler said when asked whether this season represents a crossroad in his career in the final year of his contract. "There are some different circumstances to this season, but it's not going to change my mindset."

    Cutler has enough to contemplate in the immediate future while digesting coach Marc Trestman's new offense.

    "Just the verbiage," he said. "Any time you go to a new offense, guys are going to be in similar positions on the field. It's just learning the verbiage and being able to spit it out. It's similar to what we did in Denver. I have a lot of talent on my outside, so the faster we can get it to them and let them work, the better."

    Cutler stood by his previous comment that it might take three years to execute this offense fully.

    "(But) you still have to have high expectations," he said Wednesday. "Just because we don't completely know 100 percent of it, no reason we can't be successful. Guys are learning the offense and we're moving along."

    New offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer is trying to keep his charges on task to develop the system fairly quickly.

    "Right now we're focusing on on getting the system in," Kromer said. "We've only had three days of pads, so that's something you have to develop. (When) you you learn it as you go, that's all you can do to get started."

    The Bears will have to perfect much of their offensive moves in practices, instead of exhibitions.

    "Our first guys won't play much," Trestman said. "We want the next groups to be able to function and see if they can elevate their game. We're watching them play in practice … and then it gets amped up a little bit (Aug. 9) under the lights in Charlotte."

    The Bears defense did more than its share to score points last season. This year the offense, collectively, seems to have a chip on its shoulder.

    "The defense has done a great job," veteran center Roberto Garza said. "It is up to us to step up."

    Cutler extols the virtues of Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall, as well as second-year receiver Alshon Jeffery and tight ends Martellus Bennett and Fendi Onobun.

    "We have some big dudes," Cutler said, "You just have to put it up high. (Jeffery) has a different edge to him. He got a little bit stronger in the off-season. He understands football. He's not a rookie anymore."

    Bennett (6-6, 265) is a proven blocker and receiver.

    "He brings some edge to the huddle and he's like a Brandon Marshall," Cutler said. "He's really smart out there, understands defenses, knows where the holes are … makes it easy on me.",0,7620394.story
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    A very simple but true statement. Learning a new offense seems to be like playing a role playing video game (sorry but I love old school role playing video games like Lunar or FF2 & 3) in that there are some places in the game you can't get to until you accomplish certain goals or reach a certain level. Learning the verbiage & basics have to be 2nd nature before the offense can really even begin to hit it's stride. If Cutler is still our QB in year 3 of this offense, it will be the best offense we have seen in Chicago in decades. In the mean time I'll be happy to just see them improve on a week to week basis & see where they end up this year. I think they will be better on offense in week 1 than they were all last year with Tice & company & by mid season we should start to see a pretty good offense.

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