Bears running back Matt Forte: 'No ceiling' on offense

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Chicago_66, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Hope the work hard talk is really their attitude and not just saying the right thing, because I'm sure as hell excited. If they truly put in the work and stay hungry, we're going to put up some numbers on Sundays.
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    One look at the personnel we can put of the field and there's no reason why what he's says can't come true. Top five WR duo, Top ten or maybe even top five RB, Top ten TE, Top ten QB who may end up rating higher now that he's learned more of the offense. Add to that a solid if not somewhat under rated OL and the front line troops look pretty damn good.

    For them this summer is all about adding some quality depth across the board and getting more of Trestman's offense installed. Cutler asked for 3 years to learn it completely but no one said it would be limited to just 66% in year two. They could easily be 80% to 90% there this year. I want to see an offense that can hang 30 points a game on the others guys all be themselves.

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    The offense should improve and be fun to watch. We have what appears to be capable back-ups at all positions except TE. Carey (RB) is unproven but I suspect he could step in with minimal loss. The O-line has decent depth but LT probably would be a loss we feel, maybe Long could ease the pain there if needed. As long as injuries are minimal and short term we should be good to go on offense.

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