Bears vs Jags Game Thread (chat room is down)

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Birthday CakeBandaid
    CJ Wilson w/a pick....nice.
  2. JustAnotherBearsFan99

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    Bears win!

    Life is good.
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    I'm thinking McManis should be a lock. Could Washington turn into an Idonije of special teams and develop that way? I'd like to see Lynch and Perry against some 2's so we know what we're working with. Bostic showed up. I wanna see CWill out there and I know its preseason but Cutty has been on point to say the least.
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    Initial reactions and takeaways:
    Eric Weems needs to go.
    C Washington made his case as an end and as a STeamer.
    JMorgan looked bad ass in all phases of the game. Receiving, route running BLOCKING, STeamss. I'm gonna be concerned about the decision making at Bears HQ if this kid isn't playing with the 1s next week in Weem's place.
    O'Donnell set himself apart from Way in the punting game.
    Clausen and Palmer both looked good. Clausen will look better on Rewind than Palmer but Palmer got results and looked competitive (and stiff)
    Kadeem Carey is an impressive runner and blocker - he needs to show an ability to catch the ball.
    Ola played a ton of football tonight.
    The 1st team O line gets awesome pass protection but nothing in the ground game. Same as last year.
    The game had a weird flow with all the penalties, but Bostic, Smac, and Greene looked improved.
    T Scott is really getting his name out there. Bad ass looking DE who should be a candidate for starting rotation.
    Didn't get a good look @ Vereen but Wilson made some plays - had a strong TFL on at least one running play.
    Cutler took his time - time given by his OL - to make some good decisions .
    Kyle Long looked strong on the line.
    S Paea got aggressive alongside JRat. This was good to see.
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    Strange game in that I did not expect it to be as close as it was against the Jaguars. I was hoping for some run blocking improvement but I did not see it, and did not see too fierce of a first team pass rush. The D did seem to get better after a while but did not sustain that level. They were not bad by any means, but got gashed early on the run more than they should have IMO.

    Same on offense. Cutler moved the ball down the field and scored. I can't complain about the play, but I had somehow set my expectations for the second game to where it would start to flash more of the dominat O we saw last year and I did not see it.

    I don't understand what Weems does for us that we don't have others that can do the same or better.

    As far as positives, Morgan showed up for the game. I did not know he was as good as he seems to be. Washing certainly was not dominant, but he showed up on more than one play. Not sure if he will stick or not, but he helped himself tonight. Both QBs competing for #2 looked good. Clausen did not look as much better than Jordan in this game as he did last game. Fales did not play, so I'm not sure if that means they may keep BOTH Jordan and Palmer over Fales or whether they just wanted as mugh time to make the best decision they could between Jordan and Palmer.

    ST started out shakey and did improve a little but IMO very much still subpar.

    Next week against Seattle is going to show how we compare against the best. Could be ugly...

    Bottom line is we let them get ahead and stay ahead for most of the game, but in the end we won the game. The ability to come from behind is huge, so I'm glad to see that.

    What does everyone else think? I may be coming off more negative than I am feeling. I am not disappointed, just not as pumped as I had hoped if that makes any sense. Still only second preseason though.

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