'Best Fans' title goes to Packers; Bears #10

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by little bear, Aug 21, 2014.

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    Study backs Packers fans as best in the NFL

    "TitleTown USA" has yet another championship to add to its resume as Forbes magazine has declared that the Green Bay Packers have the "Best Fans in the NFL."
    How rabid are Packers fans? Dare you ask?
    According to research by Nielsen Scarborough, only 16 percent of adults living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are NOT fans of the team. That means everybody else in the metro area has either watched, attended and/or listened to the Packers' games in the past year.
    Fan bases of the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens round out the magazine's list of the top five.
    The Forbes rankings were based on the hometown crowd reach, social media reach based on the area's population and three years' worth of Nielsen television ratings, stadium capacity percentage and merchandise sales via NFLShop.com.
    Green Bay is the NFL's smallest market with a metro population of 306,241, which is easily surpassed by the Packers' backers on both Facebook (4.4 million) and Twitter (701,000).
    And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the Packers are the only game in town and have an NFL-record 13 championships to their credit.
    The study said Packers fans scored the highest marks in every category except for TV rankings (second) and merchandise (seventh).
    Six other teams in the study -- the Dallas Cowboys (tied seventh overall), Broncos, Indianapolis Colts (sixth), Patriots, Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers (tied, seventh) -- also had social media numbers that were larger than their local fan base populations.

    According to criteria compiled by Forbes magazine, the Green Bay Packers have the NFL's best fans. Their top 10:
    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Denver Broncos
    3. New Orleans Saints
    4. New England Patriots
    5. Baltimore Ravens
    6. Indianapolis Colts
    T-7. Dallas Cowboys
    T-7. Pittsburgh Steelers
    9. Seattle Seahawks
    10. Chicago Bears

    Hold on a sec. Packers, Broncos, Pats and Saints? In this 'analysis' do you notice these teams have the top 4 QBs in the league?

    Routing for the best quarterbacks is easy. Best fans show when stadiums are still packing through good and bad years. My guess for the Top 5 list would be Packers, Bears, Steelers, Broncos and Pats.
  2. The Benjamin

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  3. 4th and 26

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    Sad thing is they are not the most popular in Wisconsin.
  4. DaTreeBears

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    Well it only makes sense, there was only like 10 in GB when NFL started they all inbred now there is a little over 100,000 of them. The 16% that don't watch have moved up the evolutionary chain and now watch daBears.
  5. ticat

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    Aug 1, 2013
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    Nobody can touch ''rider nation''. :)
  6. JoeBear

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    I agree with this survey. One thing I have to say about Packer fans is that they REALLY LIKE their team. They even like their 3rd stringers.

    As a Bear fan I see a lot of frustration and complaining about our team. Packer fans love the team even when it sucks. But since it is all they got, good for them.

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