Biggs: 10 thoughts after Bears' loss

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Oct 7, 2013.

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    May 21, 2012
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    I always look forward to these. Biggs always seems to have a solid perspective:

  2. JustAnotherBearsFan99

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    May 21, 2012
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    Here's some more of the article.

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  3. riczaj01

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    13W's and 22 L's in Cutler era against teams .500 or better, that's 37%. he's 1-2 this year: 33%. And is 10 for 10 on TD's to TO's. Just somethings I heard on the score today; thank goodness he's 2-0 against teams he's that have 1 win.

    1) Marshal has been targetted more then any other wr' this year on the team and 6th in the NFL? so why he's complaining about not being part of the gameplan? Just stop yourself kid. If you are not open, and have 2 guys on you, Cutler shouldn't target you.

    2/3) Paea needs to get healthy quick...last night my last thought was hope Collins isn't a serious inj. Shea had his best time lined up off the line yesterday, if he's forced to play DE in a classic 4-3 style a ton of snaps the team is in trouble.
    Wootton isn't going to be as effective inside, if anything they should be using Peppers there, he at least forces a double team(imo)

    4) The team needs to figure it out before half; but it's still a step up from last year when they didn't ever figure it out.

    5) Dude is a beast, He's averaging over 100ypg this season, to think the Bears would stop him was foolishness.

    6) See above, Trestman wants a TE like that, and daBU was as close the team could get to Graham; he's not Graham, nor does he have Brees throwing him the ball. But that is the idea. Trestman would love to get his O set up much like NO's.

    7) I'm sorry is 40-50 yards good? Hang times are nice, but I thought 40-50 yard punts were a bit on the low end. If I'm wrong, sorry but it seems like the boomers knock it 50-60.

    8) DJ is really starting to play well. Anderson has leveled off, but I think that's because DJ is getting used more. Both were great signings though. The S's on the other hand need to be upgraded, they aren't bad but they are not great.

    9) Doesn't this just scream to the fact that we don't have a 2nd TE? Happy for Britten but we have a OT playing a TE position which, as stated means Cutler has 1 less weapon on the field. Also, why, if the OL is so much better, all the 2 TE sets? Maybe the OL isn't doing as well as we think and this is limiting the overall O in it's ability to move the ball and score.

    10) short week or not, NYG's are a beatable team in Chicago. Get it done fella's.

    a) don't care
    b) wonder what the %'s are for other kickers, but w/the rule change to prevent the heavy 1sided lineup it's got to be harder. I think I heard today or yesterday that there have been 15 or 16 onside attempts this year, 1 has been made.
    c) 50-50 shot of making the playoffs, and near +/- 1(hopefully 2) .500 is about what I would have guessed this year.
    d) D played okay today, they only gave up 26 on a team that could easily drop 40 on a team. They did knock the ball loose a few times, but it didn't bounce their way(much like Det on the goalline).
    e) don't care
    f) 25-2 when Cutler, wonder what the other loss was? He did have a good game, but that lost fumble killed any chance of keeping ToP. Forte's fubmle didn't help either.
    g) Being the 2nd best RB behind the greatest isn't a bad thing, and considering that RB's get disposed of w/no chance of getting near the attmempts they used to it's all that more impressive that he's moved up that quickly.
    h) Said he won't be in the HoF, the NFL made a rule to shut him down, that should count for something.
  4. A-11

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    Jul 30, 2013
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    1.) B. Marsh is different. I like Brandon but what he gives you was well established before he came. (How many people can have accusations of an ex-high school girlfriend, and his current wife Michi having stabbing him and have no character flags?) I actually think he has improved dramatically, and give him props for being better, much better. So far he hasn't been a team distraction that I can tell. Almost all good WRs are divas, and Marshall has remained fairly low key in that department. As far as, venting about being misused or not getting the ball I can just hear Randy Moss in the back ground screaming, "I got this!" Brandon won't be perfect but I have a good feeling that despite how he comes off at times, he still displays the team picture.

    2.) Paea and Collins injuries are a very untimely set back. The news today about the MRI for Nate would have probably made the headline but Paea’s turf toe is no joke. Next man up, that is all I would expect.

    3.) I think Corey Wooton is an unselfish player. I like him more for it, but am not concerned about his marketability

    4.) The Ryans… laugh all you want because they make easy targets. (even with Buddy’s stature.) They seem to laugh a lot themselves, especially when they’re watching film of their D’s. Not dumb luck.

    5.) Graham, Gronk, Thomas, Cameron, etc… The new trend. Back in the day, those players did not have to be defended. Give someone like Ronnie Lot a few hits while you’re jumping up for a grab ball in the middle and you would go to the IR slot. The rules have gone a long ways towards making them defenseless. Ditka, was Iron Mike because literally he was one of the few that was able to last. Even today it is not the most-healthy of positions.

    6.) I like #83, and he has done well. I agree with many other comments on this board. Another tight end (think Fendi Onobun with hands) would be a great help. Especially considering point #5 above.

    7.)Punters are people too? Yup, need to give ST some more time, but special teams needs to pick up in general as well.

    8.) The linebackers are a work in progress. We’ll that is what I’m counting on. If something doesn’t snap into place I’m not opposed to letting Bostic get some action so that we have a point of reference going into the offseason. He has shown enough, IMO that it should not be considered moving on with Williams but just a different look.

    9.) Eben Britton See points #5 and #6. I think this offseason you will see an addition with TEs.

    10.) These are just my random thoughts. I’m not even close to right, nor do I pretend to be. Did this for fun, so I’m not with Biggs here. Losing and two-game losing streaks are not fun, so I refuse to comment and will leave my 2 cents on other threads.

    a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h… see officer, I’m only a little intoxicated.
  5. JPosh2012

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    I think that MB has been a massive asset for us and as much as I LOVE Kyle Long I wouldn't have minded us taking Eifert actually.

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