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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by soulman, Mar 2, 2014.

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    Exactly. "Trading down" is batted around as desirable every year but it seldom works out that way. For every team wanting to grab extra picks there are far fewer willing to give up extra picks. If the draft is considered "deep", then why would a potential trading partner want to give up their depth picks anymore than you would want to??? Only if there is one key guy they are really hot to get in the upper 1st (usually a QB).

    In this particular draft, as you have pointed out Soul the Bears are sitting in a pretty good spot at #14 (it was painful to lose in week 17 but I'm glad we did since we were going nowhere anyway). Most of the teams ahead of us are likely to be drafting OT, WR, QB, and 3-4 OLB...all positions we really don't need. There's a good chance that a damn good 1st tier D-prospect is going to fall into our lap. Such as....the draft's top 3tDT. Or maybe a great CB prospect.

    I would personally be sick to my stomach to pass up a long-term impact player at that spot so we can draft a lesser quality one later in the 1st + a 3rd rounder who probably won't crack the starting lineup for a year or two (if ever). I think if you have for the taking the "very cream of the draft crop" type player at a key position of urgent need, then YOU JUST TAKE HIM.

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    With the current regime I am not sure we will ever have a top 5 defense nor do I believe it be a goal. If they can be in the top half ( top 10 to 15), I believe they will put more into the offense to be a top 5 and live with an above average defense. I like offense first philosophy but it probably means the days of a top 5 defense will be rare and be more of an accident or over achievement than a goal.
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    I agree with that top half or even top 1/3. Certainly aim for the best. I agree it's fine to be an offense first team, but that doesn't have to be mutually exclusive of having a respectable defense (and I consider a top 10 or 12 to be very respectable if you have a powerful offense). It is important that we have enough defense to slow down guys like Aaron Rodgers so we can claw past GB and be the champions of this division again. Just so we can beat those guys and not have to depend upon Jay to win a shootout with elite QB's.
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    :rofl2: Well that's in Chicago. Out here it hasn't been as cold so we're starting to dig.

    I know but it sure seems to me that he could have at least gotten one of the less expensive guys signed while he was handing out those gargantuan one year deals last week. What's the big delay with Peanut? He's there working out. He'd said he'd like to come back and retire with the Bears. So what do you need for a two year deal I ask? If it's a little high you say I can guarantee you this much if you play all 32 games but at your age we have to adjust for injuries that keep you out from an extended period just like they did with Garza. But then I'll add some incentives that could boost it up a little closer to what you want.

    I don't believe they'll find a FA CB as good for less and if they draft a CB in one whose a sure day one starter then what do they do about the DLine? Do you see my point about maybe getting a little action going on? Maybe a few $$$ commitments to the defense too. Well I guess a week from now we'll have some answers but I'm having a very hard time following Emery's logic on all this or seeming lack thereof. This we're gonna let the market set their price is all just GMbullspeak. They know how they value these guys and what they're willing to pay just as the did with Urlacher. If they're waiting around for a few to get ignored so they can't get them cheap they may be in for a surprise. Some of those guy rate pretty highly in the FA rankings and teams just got a nice $10 mil boost in their caps over last year.
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    As I said in another takes two to tango. Perhaps they've had discussions with Tillmans agent and his agent expressed a desire to test the market. Perhaps they like one of the younger, better corners available on the market. As much as I love Peanut, I would take Verner over him every day of the week and 5 times on Sunday. The guy is 25 and at the top of his game. He's a corner you can build around. I would rather pay more money to that guy than an aging vet. Sorry,...I know thats not a popular opinion around here, but I am unemotional when it comes time to letting go of players to improve the team. Urlacher was my guy, but I was all for letting him walk last year.
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