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    The instances over a period of time a disease world testcore pro evolve yeah up take the leper say we’re talking about a video I'll those very onset it could be so subtle that no one's going to make the diagnosis will make the diagnosis you figure the diagnosis and Brian Urlacher think about it was that we tiny insignificant little spot on the back to him and that over the course of time may evolve into something the that anybody given time will recognize doesn’t usually not the case with skin problems I think they're not all that mysterious and their behavior they follow a certain pattern and the expertise the one developed withal lot of study during residency in the next time reveres under his or her bill looking it's good news is you get awhile lot it's like hitting golf balls were hit the barrier hmm and the more skins you look at the body you get it was Jim was saying the majority of the time you can recognize the disease across the room more in the first 30 seconds they come in hmmbecause dermatology being a the skin's visible organs or so crises processes and for the most part totally visible and the this is where the real skill the dermatologist comes in ..

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