Bring back Melton

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BSBEARS, Feb 26, 2014.

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    The problem is that the (unexpectedly large) salary cap increase affects every team equally. So it gives the Bears more space to work with but it also makes the FA market more appealing to players and probably more expensive to teams. There will simply be way more dollars floating around to be spent than last year so it's a much better time to be a sought-after FA this year as a player.

    I'd be all for keeping Melton (even if we draft Donald or Jernigan) if he can be retained on a "prove it" or team-friendly cheap/short term basis. It wasn't likely that he would agree to that before and it's even less likely now given the above. He's gonna be looking for $5m+ on a multi-year deal (he earned nearly $8m on the tag last year). That seems a steep price to pay IMO for a guy coming off major injury who had only one standout season prior and had a rep for disappearing for weeks at a time. Let Jerry Jones pay it.
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    Jerry Jones has 17 mil he has to trim before the 11th I think
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    I'm in favor of this approach. If we do resign Melton my guess is it won't be a long term deal with a huge guarantee. Dallas may be interested but they're in cap hell and TB already has Gerald McCoy who had 9.5 sacks and 50 tackles last year so are they gonna spend big money on Melton to play in a DT rotation? There may be others interested since he's certainly one of the higher ranked free agents but he doesn't come without some risk.

    If Donald is there at #14 he'd be tough to pass up since he's be the best pass rusher on the board and he could certainly be used in a DT rotation with the others. Besides if they get Melton on a one year "prove it" deal (which I doubt) they'll be looking at him leaving next year again and Donald is about as close to Melton as you can get as far as his skill set and style of play. I was a little worried about his size but he measured just under 6'1" and 288 lbs at the Combine so he's not really much different than anyone else on that Bears line.

    Ratliff and Collins shouldn't be too expensive to sign and both can play 3 tech and NT which gives Paea some breathing space. Paea will also be in the final year of his rookie deal this year too and IMHO any time you can get an inside rusher as good as Donald appears to be you take him over other positions. This kid could be another John Randle and he's got a great motor and work ethic.

    To be honest I don't really like the other DT/DE guys that high in the first round. They all have some black marks against them as far as their productivity goes. Clowney is the only one who looks like a sure thing. Donald my not last until #14 but I believe he will because there are some very good OTs ahead of him, a couple of QB's, and a Safety, a CB, and couple of 3-4 DE/LBs and Nix is a pure 3-4 NT. Donald is strictly a 4-3 3 tech DT and the Bears are a good fit for that type of player.

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    I do not see us using a tag on Melton but would like a reasonable deal for 2 to 3 yrs. We just have to many holes to fill. "IF" is on of the smallest words with the biggest definition in the dictionary so understanding that, "IF" Melton gets back to 95% of where he was he will be worth $4 to 5MM a yr or so. I do not believe he was worth the franchise tag before the injury nor do I think he is worth it now. " IF" my team doctors say Melton is good to go and see no effects, I am for resigning Melton..." IF" a realistic contract can be reached, I envsion a decent base with invcentives. Something like a base $4 - 5MM a yr, and incentives for QB sacks, Win the Division ( I like that one simple but shows the need to control your division $200 K, fairly small incentive to them but still gets the point home, they should all have that.) Win the Super Bowl, "IF" we win the Superbowl he can have his $8MM. Theres that "IF" again.

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