Bushrod named to All-Fundamentals Team

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Jan 15, 2014.

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    This was in the Chicago Tribune, regarding Bushrod. He was picked to be an example for younger players to emulate due to his excellent technique and solid fundamentals. I thought this was pretty cool.


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    but hey, he sucks, and is actually worse then Webb according to PFF.

    Again I like using them, but I also understand their limitations, it's admittedly a nerd site who's people do not fully understand all the plays and how they are expected to work, so expect our OL, even though they don't give up a lot of sacks to always, in their eyes, be near the bottom b/c of the invisible stats like "hurries" and "disruptions" which is also why Emery thinks Shea looks good; much like Emery, you have to pick and choose from PFF wisely.

    Back on the real subject, I'm glad to see Bushrod getting recognized, I have no doubt he, Garza and Slauson have all helped the younger players on this team. and at least Bushy and Slaus were clear upgrades from their counterparts last year, which helped Garza look passable this year.
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    I really hope we move on from Garza this year. Don't know how much longer he can be propped up despite the up tick.

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