Charles Tillman tired of talking about his health. "I just want to win a ring."

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Chicago_66, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Love it, get a ring.
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    I can imagine his frustration. he's at his charity event and all the media wants to talk about is business, specifically his health.

    Tillman plays hurt. He gives it his all. What is there to question three times?
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    I guess this tells us just how close he was to signing on with Lovie. If not for all of his business and charity interests in Chicago he's have been a puff of smoke and we'd have drafted Fuller to replace his this year rather than allowing him to get his feet wet behind Peanut and Jennings.

    So he wants that ring and I don't blame him but if it doesn't happen in 2014, and that's quite likely, will be back for another shot at it next year? He's 33 true, but Champ Bailey is still playing at 36 and Darrell Greene was still starting 16 games a year at age 39 and played three more seasons after that. If Peanut stays healthy I'm not sure this is the end of line yet or that it should be. I think you let him decide that and I trust that he will.

    I love this guy and I will hate to see the day comes when #33 is no longer playing RCB for the Bears.

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