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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by The Newsman, May 10, 2014.

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    LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- A wrap-up of the Chicago Bears’ draft. Click here for a full list of Bears' draftees. Bears general manager Phil Emery likes to say a team can never expect to fill all of its needs via the draft. Well, eight draft choices later, the Bears actually came close. Best move: Taking defensive tackles Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton with consecutive picks on Day 2. We don’t know if Ferguson or Sutton will pan out, but the Bears had to keep strengthening the defensive line after last season.

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    I still haven't bought into the Ferguson pick yet and I think he was a riskier pick than Carey. At leat Carey has had a productive college career as has Sutton who if he can play at 280-290 lbs could be a holy terror at DT.

    We may have actually lucked out by not taking a S early. On paper Vereen looks as good as the guys who went in one but because they kept moving him around from S to CB no one had a real good read on him at either spot so he slipped down more than he might have if he'd stayed at S all year.
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    funny productive college careers meant nothing to people last year w/the 19th overall pick. This guy has all the athletic upside of Long and was taken a round later. Guy was the best NT on the board for a 4-3(2nd best overall NT after nix), no reason NOT to like Fergie. I said all off season that NT was a bigger issue then DT and Emery apparently agreed. Unlike many, Trestie knew that Sutton was a 3-4th rounder and Ego was a 2-3 rounder and pegged both as targets in the 2nd and 3rd round for them; and got them.

    Fuller/Sutton/Carey/Vareen are great picks so that's 5 picks in the first 4 rounds that were all great pickups. rest of the draft is just icing, O'Donnel/Fales/Leno are all solid potential guys, nothing special(P is never special), but in the draft you don't expect to get special in those rounds.

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