Clausen focusing on learning offense

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by The Newsman, Jun 12, 2014.

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    Jimmy Clausen ultimately hopes to compete for the Bears’ backup quarterback position. But with OTAs wrapping up Thursday, his main focus remains on learning the offense.

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    I still believe that battle for a roster spot will be between Clausen and Fales. I think Palmer has too good a head on his shoulders to lose out to either of them. He may not have thrown many NFL passes but the guy has been around the league for a long time so the sum total of his knowledge of the game and specifically Trestman's offense trumps the others by a wide margin.

    We already saw last preseason that he can throw and at 6'5" and over 230lbs he has the size they like. Clausen and Fales are both quite a bit smaller and you can really see that in the OTA vids. In fact they're both quite a bit smaller than even Cutler. I'm looking forward to the camp battle between Clausen and Fales and I wouldn't be shocked if Clausen wins that one.

    "Moon" Mullin made a good point in a recent interview. If Clausen does pass Fales on the depth chart and it looks like he's the guy who'll capture the #3 spot then the Bears would be smart to use Fales very sparingly in preseason games. The more he plays and the better he looks the less chance they may have of successfully getting him through waivers and onto the PS.

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