Cowboys want to bring draft to AT&T Stadium

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by little bear, May 3, 2014.

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    Cowboys' Stephen Jones: Bring draft to AT&T Stadium

    Amid reports that the league is considering moving the NFL Draft out of New York City as early as 2015, Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones admits he'd love to see the event shift to Big D.
    "As you can imagine, we like the idea," Jones told KRLD-FM on Friday, per "Anything that we can do at AT&T Stadium for our fans, give them a more up close and personal look at, I think would be a plus."
    Said Jones: "I think it's something that the league is seriously taking a look at. They've actually looked at making it multilocational in terms of doing a day in New York and a day in another city, something like that. There's a lot of things being discussed. At the end of the day, we're trying to make our game better for our fans, and that includes all aspects of it."
    One benefit to finding additional host cities would be a lassoing of the draft back to late April. This year's event was pushed into May for the first time due to a conflict at schedule-packed Radio City Music Hall.
    Commissioner Roger Goodell also noted last month that the draft could balloon into a four-day event instead of three.
    Hosting a single draft in multiple cities sounds like a potential headache for the 32 teams involved, but the NFL will carefully consider its next move. What we do know: Those of you hoping for a quieter, more spartan event are forever out of luck.

  2. Passepartout

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    It is a big stadium. But really the draft belongs in NY. As it needs to be no matter what stadium or city. Wants into competition!
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    Oh cousrse Jones wants a cut of the action in his stadium...
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    I cannot imagine they'd move it from NY to anywhere, but if they did I couldn't see how Dallas would be in the top 5 of places it would end up.

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