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    I've added a new feature to DaBears!! Even though its in the middle of the season I liked it, so I've decided to add a nice cool feature: Power Rankings!!

    Ok, Here's a little tutorial on how to create you own power rankings (it looks hard, but it's extremely easy to create!):

    1. Click on the Power Rankings link on the main menu bar.


    2. Click Create Ranking on the far right:


    3. Enter your power ranking title. As you can see I named mine "Ski's Diluted Rankings".


    4. Click Manage Ranking on the far right:


    5. Now I need to explain this. For each week, I have to open and close the week (every week). This way the site knows which week you are on. For example, you can't create Week 11 until Monday (lets say week 11 ends after the Monday Night Football game). So essentially a member can only create their power rankings for the past week Monday-Thursday. Why?
    Power rankings for the past week are really only valid for a little bit before the next week starts (which is Thursday Night Football). So this seems like a small window, but really not many people care about the rankings on Saturday. Who's going to create a ranking from last week on Friday or Saturday??

    Click Create Power Ranking


    6. Now this is where the fun starts.
    - Change the status when you are complete to Visible when you are ready to publish your ranking.
    - The body text area is where you can write some information regarding your rankings. I will show you where you can comment on each team specifically in a few steps.


    7. Scroll down to rank your teams. All you have to do is click and drag the teams.


    Once you are done, (MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE STATUS TO VISIBLE IN THE FIRST DROP BOX) click save at the bottom.

    8. Now Click the week (here is where you can add some little features:


    9. Scroll down and click on a team you want to add some information on: I clicked the Dallas Cowboys.
    You can add their current record. You can also enter a highlight... For example a team that is jumping a couple of spots in your rankings.

    Lastly you can add your comment for that team.


    10. Now when you hit save, understand this..... You will be in the MANAGE Ranking menu!


    11. To actually view your rankings as other see them, simply click the Power Rankings in the main meny again:


    As you can see there is a "1" which tells me there is a new ranking. It's similar to the flags for notifications or private messages.

    If you have any questions please let me know!!

    I hope you enjoy this feature and create some rankings that people will come back to read!!

    ~ Rick
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    For those that want to play around with this, this is how it will work (when you can create rankings for the specific weeks).

    You can create you upcoming ranking starting Thursday night. Now this allows you to start your rankings for the games that are about to be played. So this means you can start arranging your rankings. Obviously you can't write anything because most of the games haven't played yet.

    Thursday Midnight - You can create your upcoming rankings
    Thursday Midnight - The PAST weeks rankings close (you can no longer create rankings for the past week).

    Even though the directions seem long, it's extremely easy to create your own rankings. I just made sure I documented every step with pictures, which make the process seem long.
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    Russian saunas and Turkish saunas <<< Finnish sauna. Gtfo.
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