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    I posted one for Offense with a Mile High View so not repeating.


    Have 10 DE's on Roster and last year we had 6. Coupled with DT's would expect total 10 linemen. Expect a minimum of 4 of these to be cut. Allen, Young and Houston just signed and will be on the team as they also carry dead money.
    Bass and Idonije expected to make the team, One spot left which is probably Washingtons to lose. Probably will not draft a DE unless somebody they like really drops on draft day.


    Bears expected to take atleast one DT and possibly 2 in the draft according to some experts including Kiper in his latest. Collins did a nice job last yr before injury so expect all to make the team. Last yr I believe we had 4 on roster but with injuries signing Ratliff bumped up the number to 5 in above chart. Safe to bet the house the Bears will draft at least one DT as they only have 3 listed on Roster and Peae is in a contract yr. Peae is decent but not a star.


    ILB could use some help. DJ on a 1 yr deal and Bostic may be out of position. Expect the Bears to replace Wilson with a high draft pick. Bostic may be forced to play MLB one more year or beat out McC otherwise he may start grooming for Briggs job. Had 3 on last yrs roster. Look for Wilson to be replaced.

    OLB, McC expected to replace Anderson and move from DE position. Curious if he could be MLB. Senn was signed in FA and is a Sp. Teams guy. Greene seems to be waiting for a spot but not sure where, originally he was drafted to replace Briggs but that is now rumored to be Bostic. Both MLB and OLB seems unsettled and waiting for someone to step up. Briggs is the only sure thing at this point. Drafting a replacement for Franklin not out of the question and If Barr or Mosley on the board it will be interesting how it plays out. Bears had 5 OLB's on roster last yr and have 5 now. Draft would be a value pick.

    Corner back is settled with the resigning of Peanut for a yr. McManis plays special teams and will probably make the roster since he carries dead money as well. Bears could draft 2 CB's depending how draft goes as the other CB's are not seen as long term starters. Will Bears draft early to find Peanut replacement or pick a development guy like Desir or Aikens, or wait until next yr. Expect at least 1 CB to be drafted and if he can replace Peanut in time great if not the Bears will be needing to draft Peanuts replacement next yr unless they chose to do it early this yr as 3 or 4 CB's are projected to be immediate starters.


    Mundy and Conte both carry Dead Money. The rest could be replaced. With Conte having surgery more likely the Bears will move safety up to a higher need. Many solid back ups but no sure fire starters. Conte and Mundy getting paid the most. Dix and Pryor potential rd 1 targets.
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