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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BSBEARS, Jan 27, 2014.

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    So, what, you couldn't find a picture of Terry "Jon Quinn is my backup QB" Shea? I think he'd bring the rest of the terrible list even lower. :) Yeah, I know Shea wasn't here for Cutler, but I think Shea was so bad, Cutler could still feel the echos of his bad coaching ghost five years later.
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    I don't need to educate you, but i will stop responding cus i know how these conversations go....good day sir...bear down!
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    I know we all like to use stats, but lets face it, individual statistics in a team sport like football can only be used for general analysis and the more specific to the player you try to get in such an analysis, the less credibility your analysis has. A QB really does need 10 other guys to do their jobs and a coaching staff to do theirs. 2014 will be the FIRST year since Jay Cutler has been in Chicago where he actually gets to use an EFFECTIVE offense in it's SECOND year with an O-Line to protect him adequately and actual targets to throw to, not to mention a quality running back. I, for one, project a very nice (I'll even say top 10) season for Cutler, and yes, I would be happy to put my avatar or sig line where my mouth is.
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    I think stats are great at establishing the CONSISTENCY of a player (good or bad). Every player will have clunker games, or games where they simply are not effective. But over time, stats will show the type of player you have. This was the one knock on Rex when he was on our team: sure, he had a few games where he played at a HoF Joe Montana level, but if you stepped back and looked at his entire body of work, not only was he often injured, but he was wildly inconsistent with his performances. Some of that criticism lands on Jay, but i do not think he is anywhere near as inconsistent as Rex was.

    Or you can look at Kyle Orton...his stats show he was very consistent. Consistent at being a game manager. He didnt have as many turnovers as Rex, but he didnt have nearly as many "great" games either.

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