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    Please read thoroughly and keep in mind when posting!

    DaBears Message Board Rules/Terms of Service

    The DaBears message boards (DBS) are a public forum and registration is free! While we encourage open debate and discussion we do insist that you abide by the few basic rules and policies listed below as well as any rules that are expressly implied by a member of our Moderator team.

    Use of the DBS community forums is a privilege and not a right. The privilege of using the message boards may be revoked at any time and without notice. It is completely at the sole discretion of the DBS moderator team.

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the rule set listed below do not hesitate to contact any DBS moderator team via e-mail (mods@dabears.com ) or Private Message (PM).

    Scan the board before posting!

    The DBS forums are very active and breaking news is usually posted within minutes of it's release. Please take the time to scan the board before posting to make sure your topic is not already there. Duplicate threads clog the board and will be deleted.

    Personal Attacks

    Personal attacks and name calling should be kept to a minimum. Excessive direct attacks will lead to our intervention. Open debate is obviously welcomed and will be encouraged. Please debate somebody’s point of view. If you don't like a member, and don't want to see their posts put them on ignore:

    Sports threads, located in a Sports forum (NHL, NBA, Bears etc.) shall not contain comments directed toward another member in a negative manner. This distracts from the overall purpose of DaBears.com. Argue the posts, NOT the poster!


    Starting threads with the sole purpose of eliciting a negative response from a poster or a group of posters is not allowed. Fans from other teams are obviously welcomed as valued members of our community. Users that participate on the board with the sole purpose of eliciting negative responses from the community will be dealt with accordingly.

    Profanity/Vulgarity/Explicit Content

    The use of excessive profanity is strictly prohibited. Excessive profanity is only allowed in the forum "The Bar Scene". Please be considerate of our entire user base when constructing your posts.

    NO NUDITY ON DABEARS FOR ANY REASON OR FOR ANY PERIOD OF TIME!!!. This includes nipple slips or extremely see through clothing, as well as links to websites that provide nudity. If the material is questionable, it may be removed. If it appears as nudity, we will remove it, and send you a message. Continued abuse of posting nudity will probably get you a vacation from here. So if it's questionable, just don't post it.

    No RACISM. Posting of offensive material with the intention to offend or slander anyone is forbidden.

    Be aware, there are minors (under 18) that frequent DaBears.com so please try to keep the board environment comfortable for users of all ages. In other words the site is NC17 (except in The Bar Scene forum where it is R rated minus the nudity)

    Spam – Services

    Using the DBS forums as a means to promote an outside website/product/service without written consent of the site owner via email or private message is prohibited. Obviously this rule does not apply to a member in good standing telling the community about some new website or product that they recommend. This is geared strictly to people who come to the site with the sole purpose of generating traffic to their site/product/service. Violators of this rule risk permanent banishment from the site.


    Avatars are permitted for upload as long as they do not exceed height and width of (150X150) pixels.

    Multiple Accounts/Circumventing a Ban

    Multiple accounts are not allowed. If it’s found that you have created multiple accounts you risk permanent banning of all accounts.

    If you are banned for any reason it is not acceptable to create a new account to continue posting. Users who do so will have the new account deleted and will risk permanent banishment of the original account as well as all IP addresses associated with these accounts permanently banned.

    Questionable Content

    There can be certain situations where content posted by a user does not break a clearly stated rule. It is up to the discretion of the moderators to determine if the post or material is acceptable. If you feel you have content that may be questionable, it’s highly suggested that you confer with a moderator before posting it. It is not recommended to communicate these concerns in the public forums. Please send a Private Message to one of the moderators to discuss any concerns, ask any questions, etc...

    Off-Topic Posts

    Please attempt to create relative-interesting subjects when starting off-topic threads. Also, please attempt to post it in the appropriate forum. Moderators have full authority to move posts and or threads to different forums as they deem appropriate.


    Users agree to give proper credit to the author or creator of any materials/articles that are posted on the DaBears forums. We also ask that if you take anything from another web publication, you include the link it in your post. Attempting to pass the work of another person as your own will be dealt with accordingly. Hyperlinks to articles posted on other websits, as well as "hat/tips" given to authors are not only encouraged, but are good E-tiquette.

    DBS is a very active community and as such it is very difficult to monitor EVERY post. Please remember that if a poster was not disciplined in the past for a comment does not necessarily mean that you will not get disciplined. It just means that we missed a post. Furthermore, most warnings, infractions, or other disciplinary measures are taken in a private manner. You may very well not be aware of past measures taken. Do not assume that someone else has gotten away with anything. Simply put... no matter what you think others may have done... follow the rules yourself.

    The judgment of an individual moderator is in most cases final. If you feel that you were banned without just cause please forward your request for review to a moderator via Private Message. In the end, the staff of DaBears.com reserve the right to remove, edit, move, close any thread or ban any user for any reason deemed appropriate.

    The staff also reserve the right to update these rules as deemed necessary.
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    [USERGROUP=2]@Member[/USERGROUP] With going back to our roots, I wanted to restore some of the fun posts back to DBS.

    I updated the TOS:


    Utilize the other Forums to fuck off in.. :headbang:
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