Darren Sproles finds out on Twitter that Saints want to trade him

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by The Benjamin, Mar 12, 2014.

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    By John Breech | CBSSports.com

    March 11, 2014 09:09 PM ET


    Darren Sproles is on the trading block in New Orleans. (USATSI)

    If Darren Sproles' agent is reading this, you might want to give him a call and let him know everything's going to be OK. Or at least let him know that theSaints might trade him. Actually, you don't have to tell him that because he found out on Twitter.

    Judging by all of the capital letters and the exclamation point, you can tell Sproles is surprised. Then he added this tweet, just for good measure.

    Why was Sproles surprised? Probably because he thought he was going to be released on Tuesday when free agency began. There were multiple reports that the Saints would cut Sproles if they couldn't find a trading partner by Tuesday. Sproles EVEN TWEETED GOOD BYE TO NEW ORLEANS on Friday night.

    However, Sproles likely won't be released now. ESPN.com reported on Tuesday that there's a lot of interest in him and instead of cutting Sproles, the Saints are going to trade him. Lets hope that news also breaks on Twitter and lets hope Sproles reacts accordingly.
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