Do the injuries make it easier to sign our FAs

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by mdbearz, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Melton has only had 1 big year and he was not playing lights out before the injury.

    Cutler has had several injuries with the Bears, he will not be cheap, but the injuries might just give the FO leverage to get a long term contract (assuming they want one).

    Tillman has been solid, and we might be able to get him back cheaper than if he had continued to have a good year and finished healthy.

    What do we do with Peppers? He has not been injured and he is starting to look more like Peppers, but his first half year performance might make it easier to get him to take another pay cut.

    We have not even seen Ratliff, but if he comes out and shows some ability then can you get him for next year at a dramatic discount (vet min?) because of the injury.

    I honestly think that all of these guys I mentioned could make our team better if they are healthy and then you draft for depth/development without having to hit gold on all 7 picks. Or maybe you take a shot at one of the QBs in this draft class.
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    Yes it does.

    Injuries will lower contracts, imagine how much Chris Long could have gotten if it wasn't for his injurie history.. Urlacher could probably have played for another team if it wasn't for his injuries..
    Melton can't demand such a huge amount of money because of his injurie.
    Cutler has been injuried in the last 3 seasons he cannot demand Flacco money even if he won the SB.

    When you sign with players who have had one or two seriously injuries it will diminish the contract value because of their risk of getting injuried again is much higher than someone without an injurie..

    But I'd like to bring them back tho if they don't demand that much. Cutler I want to stay, Melton would be nice to have aswell as Tillman. Have our rookies sit out the first games and then if/when the injuries comes they can take over much like Bostic/Greene has done this year.
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    well this is all very nice, but, there s a reason why u get them on discount! usually they are a much bigger risk and maybe never come back to their old self, so i would prefer if they were healthy
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    Melton's injury might mean that the Bears can sign him to a cheaper one year deal, or maybe a team friendly mutli year deal. Though he may want to hold out for a high priced offer, injury be damned. Cannot see the Bears tagging him again, so if he wants a big deal, he is likely done in Chicago

    No, the team will not have any leverage. If the Bears do not give him what he feels is a good offer, another team will. There are a lot of teams out there who would LOVE to have Cutler starting for them because their starting QB sucks ass.

    If the Bears and Cutler cannot come to an agreement before free agency starts, they better tag him, or they likely lose him.

    He has not been that healthy over the past few years, and the team may want to find a younger CB. They may asked him to move to safety, but he has gone on record several times that he does not want to play safety. Bear fans could very easily have seen Tillman play his last game in a Bears uniform. Or at very least, last regular season game.

    Too old, one good game out of 10 does not make me think he is back to the Peppers of old. He needs to do so for the remainder of the season for me to even consider bringing him back next year at what he is set to make.

    If he shows anything in these next few games (when he actually plays) there will be a team willing to pay him more than the Vet Min. But it is vastly too soon to even think about him since he has yet to play a single snap in a game for the Bears

    Bring back Tillman if you can, but may have to let him go. Same with Peppers. Get him to rework the contract again, pushing a lot of that money to the last year or he has to go.
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    With todays football players getting injured so readily I would take quantity of quality. Having decent solid players in numbers is more important than losing one overpriced integral player. If you possess a coach that is smart enough they can play the hand that is dealt to them better when they have numbers over a moron that needs his specific players to win.

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