Double up on safety in 1 and 2?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by butkus3595, May 7, 2014.

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    My question is how bad are our current safety's.

    Conte was ranked 43rd and 56th in 2011/2012 out of all the safety's before ranking 82nd last year. If he doesn't have to tackle and can truly play as a free safety in coverage (with a team with a pass rush) despite my complete lack of trust in him I think he can be slightly better than horrible. If the front 7 do their job and the CB's play well (and provide good run support) then I think he's not completely the worst.

    The strong safety position we know less about. It's looking like Mundy is in line to start. He doesn't have much experience starting but is known as a willing tackler with a good special teams record. He has to be an improvement over Wright and again with some good play up front he can probably make an impact.

    I think the issue with this draft is there just wasnt' that coverage and ball hawk safety to play deep. The best one was probably Clinton-Dix and considering our needs at CB and DT we didn't go for him. Pryor and a lot of the other guys look like nice players but I can't see the point of pick 14 on an in the box safety unless they are super special. Ward looked a nice second round pick but the 9ers took him and talk was already about playing him nickle due to his size.

    Maybe the best option from here is to fill out the rest of the defense and have a dominant offense, a strong pass rush and run defense up front, CB's who shut down receivers and see where that leaves us. Seattle had a great defense and a good run game but apparently didn't have WR talent to win it all, until they found a couple of guys off the street and they did the job.

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