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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Bearstuff, Feb 14, 2014.

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    In looking at the draft (yes another thread), it seems to me that the difference in some of the positions early in the draft are tiered with players that make our position in the first two rounds equivalent with teams picking back 5-10 spots. So, here is what I came up with as a mock based upon trading down in each of the first two rounds.

    Rd 1 - Trade #14 to Miami for #19, #112 (4th) and #211 (7th)
    Select Stephon Tuitt DE Notre Dame 6'5" 315lbs
    5 Technique Guy, strong wrap tackler, good movement, good body control, versatile, disrupts passing lanes, 0.73 sacks/game

    Rd 2 - Trade #51 & #211 to San Franscisco for #61 (2nd) & #94 (3rd)
    Select Shayne Skov ILB Stanford 6'2" 245lbs
    Instictive w/ good recognition, high motor, good timing on blitzes, vocal & intense, alert in coverage, big hitter

    Rd 3 - #82 Select Ego Ferguson DT LSU 6'2" 310lbs
    Good size, closing speed, good range/lateral movement, 3 Technique guy w/ disruptive flashes

    #94 Select Travis Carrie CB Ohio 6'0" 210lbs
    Jams at LOS, speedy, good zone, sets edge in run support, good hands, Cover 2 traits

    Rd 4 - #112 Select Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska 6'2' 215lbs
    Size & length, balance & body control, jumps routes, good hands (former WR), good functional strength

    #113 Select Jeff Matthews QB Cornell 6'3" 225lbs
    4yr starter, smart, works progressions, strong arm, good accuracy and placement

    Rd 5 - #144 Select Bryan Stork C Florida State 6'5" 311lbs
    Good size, handles big boys well, good anchor, understands leverage & angles, smart, lunch pail worker

    Rd 6 - #167 Select Dezmen Southward FS Wisconsin 6'0" 206lbs
    Good speed/reactions, played hybrid FS/CB role in college, good size, could play nickel

    #175 Select Cody Mandell P Alabama 6'2" 216lbs
    4yr starter, efficient, good hands, can handle elements, good tackler

    Obviously, there are lots of what ifs and their value should be xxx debates, but the point is that there is probably more to gain from trading down in rounds 1 &2 than staying put. These two trades are based upon the other teams needs relative to where the talent they need in the draft would be (plus SF has two 3rd rounders to give up).

    To my knowledge that is my first ever mock.
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    All depends on who is still available @14, but trading down would allow us to get some other quality players, sure.
  3. JustAnotherBearsFan99

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    I agree, and would love to see us trade down in the particular draft. But as some have mentioned, it's not always possible to get a trade down partner. But if we could, I'd love to see it happen.
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    Bearstuff, great job. I like the idea of trading down this year, especially if we go to a 3-4. Tuitt would be a great 5T as you said, but could really play anywhere on the DL. Similar to Hageman, which is another DL guy I really like. My hope, & I know it probably won't happen, would be to get one of these guys in the 1st & the other slides to us in the 2nd, although we would probably have to trade up in the 2nd make it happen. But imagine bookends on a 3-4 defense with Tuitt- 6' 5" 315LBS & Hageman- 6'6" 318LBS. Both are great athletes with great size. If one of them fell it might be worth trading a pick next year, which I'm not usually a big fan of, but due to all the underclassmen entering this year next years draft probably won't be as deep. If by some miracle this happened we could get a NT deep in the draft like Deandre Coleman, 6' 5" 315LBS, or Ryan Carrethers 6' 1" 330LBS. Throw in a few of the other trades you have in your mock & we can still fill some other needs.

    Looking forward to the combine!
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    Trading down or up (like we did to get Alshon), and even if we reach a little (not Shea or wolf type reach), I hope to see guys on the roster that can have an impact.

    However when there is a guy still on the board that everyone agrees is the best player and best value, at a position of need and we reach for some no name, that pisses me off, because there is no way I should be any better at drafting than the guys that are getting paid to do it.

    I am happy to be wrong, like I was with Long, but there have been way too many poor picks on the defensive side of the ball.
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    I am on board with trading down as well. I am hoping Cleveland passes on a QB with #4 pick and goes after a WR like Sammy Watkins and then gets worried about a QB and trades up with us. I could see us giving the 14 th pick (Trade Value=TV) TV(1100) and get the 26th pick (TV 700) AND 35TH PICK( TV 560) we would need to through in maybe 3rd rd pick 82 (TV 180) we are up 20 TV pts. and 2 second rd picks for DE, DT, and either S, CB,or TE (Niklas) gotta do some upgrades on offense and if Bennett gets hurt we have no TE. Also allows for 2TE sets.

    At 14 lots of good players on the board that we could use, will still be several of them at 26. Only reason to stick at 14 is if we must have a player that will not be there at later pick. at DT have 4 solid DT's (Jernigan, Nix, Hageman and Donald) at DE (Ealy, Truitt(possible dt as well), Hageman(34), longshot but Dix or Pryor could still be avail as well. Not all will be available if we trade down but not that much difference and the extra picks will potentially have 2 of them for trading the pick.

    I am excited for the draft no sure fire superstars but several great players at areas of need for the Bears
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