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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by a_miljan, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. a_miljan

    a_miljan Pro-Bowler

    Aug 11, 2013
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    as im watching combine im wondering which position would u draft, if we keep 7 picks we have now?
    of course, it all depends on FA, but at this moment i believe i would go with 1 DT, DE, MLB, S, CB, TE and C/OG
  2. 4dabers

    4dabers Pro-Bowler
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    Jul 29, 2013
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    As asked (7 picks and FA not considered), I think your alignment looks fine. Mine might look a little different, and ultimately it will come down to the individuals that are available, and not just the position, but you know that already. Frankly, as much help as we need on Defense, I will be shocked if we get all the way to the 6th round before we take an offensive player. This draft is deep in a variety of positions, so at some point, there is going to be an offensive stud that is high on the Bears board that drops in their lap, and you just can't pass on those gifts.

    I really think this is the draft to trade down if you can, but I'm guessing everyone is thinking that, so the trade will not yield the value that it typically would.
  3. kevperro

    kevperro Veteran

    Sep 15, 2013
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    I'd draft by position in this order:

    #1. DT
    #2. DE
    #3 S
    #4. DE/DT/CB/S (best on the board)
    #5. DE/DT/CB/S (best on the board)
    #6. DE/DT/CB/S (best on the board)
    #7. DE/DT/CB/S (best on the board)

    I'd bring back Peanut at a reasonable compromise, I'd bring back McCown at a reasonable compromise, I'd bring back Garza for one more year. Only so many things you can fix at once and our nobody is going to argue that our defense is our biggest area of weakness.

    Also.... I'd bring back the following players if we can get attractive contracts:

    DJ Williams
    Henry Melton

    I'd let Hester and Peppers go.... thank them for services rendered and not insult them with an offer that we would be willing to pay.
  4. mdbearz

    mdbearz Pro-Bowler

    Jul 29, 2013
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    I am really not interested in Melton. He is a one scheme, one year, bad attitude, injured player. I don't think he is worth the roster spot at any price.

    Peppers does not make the team any better, so I agree.
    Hester played his role last year and I think I would like to see him retire as a Bear.
    Peanut has a little left in the tank and I would like to see him back also.
    McCown will be given an offer (might already have it unofficially), but he has deserved the right to look at the market. I want him back, and I hope the Bears will offer him a 2 year deal.
  5. riczaj01

    riczaj01 George Halas
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    Nov 4, 2006
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    2 DL
    2 DB's

    UDFA, C/OG, RB, WR, DB, DL

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