Early Predictions for Final 53-Man

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by beardownzona, May 19, 2014.

  1. beardownzona

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    ßearz ßuckz:
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    Here's my early projections for the final 53-Man Roster. Bear Down!

    1. Jay Cutler
    2. Jordan Palmer
    3. David Fales (Rookie)
    Running Backs
    1. Matt Forte
    2. Ka'Deem Carey (Rookie)
    3. Michael Ford
    4. Jordan Lynch (Rookie)
    5. Tony Fiammetta (FB)
    Wide Receivers
    1. Brandon Marshall
    2. Alshon Jeffery
    3. Marquess Wilson
    4. Josh Morgan
    5. Chris Williams
    Tight Ends
    1. Martellus Bennett
    2. Fendi Onobun
    Offensive Line
    1. Jermon Bushrod
    2. Matt Slauson
    3. Roberto Garza
    4. Kyle Long
    5. Jordan Mills
    6. Brian de la Puente
    7. Eben Britton
    8. Ryan Groy (Rookie)
    9. James Brown
    10. Joe Long
    Defensive Line
    1. Lamarr Houston
    2. Jeremiah Ratliff
    3. Stephen Paea
    4. Jared Allen
    5. Willie Young
    6. Nate Collins
    7. Ego Ferguson (Rookie)
    8. Will Sutton (Rookie)
    9. David Bass
    10. Israel Idonije
    1. Lance Briggs
    2. D.J. Williams
    3. Shea McClellin
    4. Jon Bostic
    5. Christian Jones (Rookie)
    6. Khaseem Greene
    1. Peanut Tillman
    2. Tim Jennings
    3. Kyle Fuller (Rookie)
    4. Kelvin Hayden
    5. Isaiah Frey
    1. Ryan Mundy
    2. Brock Vereen (Rookie)
    3. Chris Conte
    4. Craig Steltz
    Special Teams
    1. Robbie Gould (Kicker)
    2. Pat O'Donnell (Punter)
    3. Brandon Hartson (Longsnapper)
  2. little bear

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    Sep 6, 2008
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    Few thoughts:

    - If Mannelly doesn't come back it would be unnecessary to have Hartson on the roster, dela Puente could take over that spot.

    - I almost threw up in my mouth when I read our four safeties. What if Vereen is hurt (and we don't even know if he's gonna be that good - but I think so)? Are we really going into season with a rookie, ST player and two mediocre veterans? Oh boy.

    - I'd rather have McManis than Hayden, who shouldn't have come back in the first place.

    - It will be interesting to see if they decide to carry 5 WRs and 5 RBs instead of 6 WRs and 4 RBs.

    - Do you think Tolliver won't make the final roster again? I believe he's got more upside than Morgan or Bellamy.

    - Weems hopefully won't make it.

    - Can Onobun finally show us he's capable of being a Football player instead of a major disappointment?
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  3. okay

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    Unless Ford or Lynch prove themselves on special teams I don't see them keeping 4 RBs. Not sure who wins #3 out of those two.

    Is that how many OL the team usually runs with during the season? 10 seems a bit excessive, I would've thought they might keep 8.

    Seems like there's not enough LB, I know there were at least 7 on the 53 last season. Those 6 that you've listed - agree they'll be on the roster. But you usually keep a special teams ace at LB so I think Jordan Senn will be on the 53 as well.

    I don't see Hayden sticking on the roster. He's too old and injury prone and I don't think he can contribute much on special teams. I think Sherrin McManis will have the 5th CB spot.

    At safety I think they'll run with 5 of them UNLESS they decide to go with 4 running backs because they impress on special teams. I'd take Steltz off that list and replace him with MD Jennings. I think Danny McCray would be the 5th safety for his special teams skills.

    Will be interesting to see if Cornelius Washington can get a roster spot over Idonije. Lots of potential there so I hope he comes in and beats him.

    Good post.
  4. Bearsinhouston

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    The # of RBs on this also caught my eye. I think we keep another WR and one less RB.
  5. riczaj01

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    # or RB's to WR's will be based on if Lynch can play KR/PR, if he can be a key ST'r then he takes the part of the 6th WR, and remember none of the 5th-6th WR's saw the field anyways.
  6. Grizzblue

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    Feb 20, 2012
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    Yep, We won't keep Lynch and Ford on the 53. I think that Ford has a slight edge as of now due to his KR ability.

    I also could see CornWash ending up on the 53 over either Bass or Izzy. He has a ton of potential and may be worth trying to tap into that.
  7. riczaj01

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    CornWash won't be over Bass, from what I've heard they are absolutely enamoured in Bass; who got a ton more playing time then Corny did.
  8. Chicago_66

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    Sep 5, 2013
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    I'd like CornWash over Izzy if they think he can produce. Izzy is one of my favorite Bears in the past decade but he's also been around for that decade and on the tail end of his career. If they still see something in Corny I'd say it's worth taking a shot, he was a late round pick for a reason, he needs time to develop. Same with Bass, I'll take youth and potential over someone like Izzy in most situations.
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  9. riczaj01

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    I'll be honest I'm never a fan of brining a guy back that you previously let walk. It rarely works out for the best. There is a reason you let him go; then again maybe under the new D system he can do something different for you, who knows, but OTA's and TC are going to be a hoot.
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  10. MPbears68

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    Yeah, echoing some of the above thoughts:

    I find it hard to believe that we'd keep 5 RBs (including Fiametta). Prob be Lynch OR Ford with the loser being a good PS candidate. My early bet is that Lynch will spend a redshirt year there.

    We need more than 2 TEs on the roster. Bennett is a lock of course. Rosario has the inside track as a blocker or they wouldn't have brought him back. Fendi and the other guys are basically fighting to be the #3 IMO.

    I can't imagine keeping 10 OLs. 8-9 is far more likely. The starting 5 + DLP + Britton are in. That leaves 1-2 spots open for Brown/Groy/Leno/Long to compete over.

    9 DLs seems more plausible to me but I suppose 10 is possible. I doubt Izzy makes the final roster after drafting two more. He was basically insurance. Bass is definitely in. Corny is on the bubble right now. If it comes down to Wash vs Izzy, I keep the young guy and let Izzy go.

    Jordan Senn is probably going to make this team. If that means we keep 7 LBs the so be it. He's a ST ace and Costanzo's replacement.

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