Emery's third draft a charm?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by The Newsman, May 10, 2014.

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    Chicago’s latest draft class created the instant trivia question of which NFL team features both the 2013 Pac-10 offensive and defensive players of the year, but in the end there nothing trivial transpired with regards to the quality of prospects selected. Bears general manager Phil Emery set upon the task of filling the team’s needs, and accomplished that for the most part with the team’s eight-man draft class. In doing so, the club stuck to its original plan, and when it veered, it was only done in an effort to move toward the goal of filling the team’s needs.

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    On paper it's his best effort so far. I think being able to concentrate almost entirely on defense helped. There were some very good offensive players in this draft and that helped keep guys like Sutton and Vereen on the board a round later than they may have gone in other years. Those two may be the biggest bargains in this draft and my guess is that 6 or the 8 will make the team.
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    Here's the problem, by the same logic he's passed over a whole bunch of quality offensive players particularly in rounds 2-5. Now he's gone for a RB, QB and OT but all pretty late. TE class was apparently pretty weak so not sure we missed much there. And our line and WR are strong so you can't really miss what you don't need I guess.

    He's drafted a really smart mix and I expect a lot of them to make the team and even play. Just my concern is that we end up with a bunch of average players who are ok at their jobs but don't get any stars.

    The defensive tackles make or break this draft. Hope they project better than the pair of LB's drafted last year.
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    BDU, the team is going to be built around those average players, and once that happens you can start going for the elite guys slowly over the 1st couple rounds. But I don't look at Sutton/Ego as "just average players" their ceilings are both much higher then that. Sutton if he wasn't told to put on weight last offseason is the first DT off the board, not Donald, Ego if he decides to stay in school is likely a first round pick. Neither of these guys have a low ceiling and their floors are pretty high.

    Fuller is going to be Tillmans replacement next year, and will see the field a ton as a NB and S this year

    The RB is a great backup for Forte, he's not a future longterm starter, but that's not a need right now.

    As for the 5th-7th rounds, how anyone can expect much from them is beyond me, if they work out great, if they don't know biggie. Brock should get a legit shot at S, Fales, whether you like it or not has a legit shot at knocking Palmer off for the backup role, ya that's how bad Palmer is.

    And Leno was considered a potential top 10 G in this draft class; but I wouldn't expect much from any of the guys outside the 4th, and only mild success from the 4th. The 1st 3 picks were perfect imo they answered the DB and DT call and that's what they needed to do.

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