ESPN: Extra points expendable? Think again. (Maybe the expendable one is Goodell)

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    The league could decide what the target percentage of XP success they want, then look at the FG stats that match that percentage of success rate - and simply make that location the new XP kick location. For example, if you wanted, say, 85% success, then you could kick XP's from the 40 yard line. If you wanted the XP success to be greater or smaller you'd just adjust the XP kick to be shorter or longer distance - whatever you wanted as far as excitement, but still making it easier than a 2-point conversion attempt. I think that would be pretty cool.

    The thing that worries me about eliminating the XP entirely is that once you start eliminating parts of the game you're on a slippery slope. I could see them ultimately cutting other stuff out, and making the game more plain-vanilla. What if they cut out kicking entirely? Maybe gut all kicking and special teams. Cut out field goal attempts. Could you do that? Sure.

    But I still get excited watching stuff like on-side kicks, FG's and stuff other than dropping back and passing the football. Heck, you could just cut the game down to passing only and eliminate the rushing game. Make the game 60 minutes by whittling down everything but passing and pass defense. But do you really want the game reduced to fit neatly into Roger Goodell's vision for money-making? I don't. I still believe there's room to make a ton of money for the owners - while still keeping an exciting game for the fans to watch. To just start ripping out parts of the game seems like it makes the game MORE would be like eliminating free throws in basketball, or base running in baseball. But that's just "me" and I realize some folks don't even want to sit out in the weather to watch football live anymore.
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    That was my thought when I heard this. XPs are something like 99%. 2pt conversions are a hair over 50%. So split the difference. Find the FG range where the NFL average is 75% and make them kick from there. Problem solved.
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