ESPN Survey of Players Reveals NFL's Least Desirable Team

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by little bear, Aug 26, 2014.

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    ESPN Survey of 82 Players Reveals Raiders Are NFL's Least Desirable Team


    Every player has a team that he would never play for unless he received a huge contract. According to an NFL Nation Confidential survey, the Oakland Raiders are the franchise that the most players have the least interest in playing for.
    The criteria the survey was based on? The statement given to participants, per's Rick Cimini, was, "The only way I'd play for [team name] is if they doubled my salary."
    The sample size—82 players—is a little small, but it still allows fans to see which NFL teams are the least desirable among the league's participants.
    When looking at the results, there aren't many surprises at the top of the poll. The Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars have all struggled in recent seasons.
    There are plenty of reasons why a player wouldn't want to play for an organization. It could be anything from ownership to the members of the team to the fans to the weather in the city.
    Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson gave his thoughts on the result of the survey, via Cimini:

    I've never heard anybody that said they didn't want to play for the Raiders, so that's pretty shocking. I think you've got to take the attitude that if you didn't want to come here, it doesn't matter anyway. Over the years, I've known and talked to countless players that said, "Man, I would love to come play in the silver and black." So I think that poll might be kind of skewed.
    Oakland's Marcel Reece also weighed in on the results, per Cimini:

    I would play for this team if they paid me half of what they pay me, and I have taken pay cuts to stay. I guarantee you, if half those guys would have the opportunity to come play for this franchise, they'd be on board. They'd get it.
    Even though current Raiders are doing their best to defend their team, the rest of the league has spoken.

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    I am surprised the giants are not high on this list.
  3. soulman

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    Green Bay isn't a bad place to play if you bowl and snowmobile in the offseason. :homer2: :smilebig:
  4. DaTreeBears

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    And pac women fans that graze on the football field to keep it mowed.
  5. shark86x

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    That's a fallacy. Packer women fans are so hefty that when they graze the soil gets too compacted so the turf can't grow.
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    Why would they be? They won two Super bowls in the past 7 years.

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