First 8 Weeks Schedule/predictions.

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    Buffal0 _ Win_ I really can not see EJ Manual in his 2nd year, along with a Rookie WR beating us. I like Sammy Watkins alot but rookie WR rarely do well and this will be his first NFL regular season game. CJ Spiller should be contained well with or new D-Line

    San Francisco_ Win_ No I am not crazy. There Defense is good but was never the same without Aldon Smith. He had his charges dropped last month for his airport bomb statement but still has to face any league suspensions. I do not expect him to play in wk 2. The 49ers lost 3 of there 4 starting DB's in Free Agency, gone are Donte Whitner, Carlos Rodgers, and Tarell Brown. They drafted Jimmy Ward and got Bethea from Indy but CB still suspect, especially early in the year. On offense V. Davis TE is holding out for a new contract and missed all OTA's, WR Crabtree, Boldin (getting old) and Stevie Johnson from Buffalo are formidable but not great. If we can stop the run, F Gore primarily and rookie Carlos Hyde we have a great chance to win this game. It will be a tough game and they have Patrick Willis at LB who is a game changer, playing them early works to our advantage as the DB's will hopefully not be in sync and the new receivers and Davis not potentially in great shape will help us get a win.

    Jets_Win_ They will have a tough Defense but I believe are offense will prevail. This is like a TRAP game which worries me coming off a high note beating the niners and looking ahead to the Packers. I believe we will be 2 -1 after the Jets game even though I predicted 3 wins. If we lose to San Francisco we will win this game and vise versa. The Jets got RB Chris Johnson from the Titans and looking for improvement out of 2nd yr QB Geno Smith. The Bears should win this one but the TRAP is set.

    Packers_Win_ They are coming to Soldier Field for this one and this was the point of the entire off season. We all know about Rodgers and WR Nelson and Cobb and RB Lacey. We all know where Peppers went and we believe we got an upgrade in Allen. We all have a bad taste in our mouths from last yr. Its time to reclaim the NFC North and it starts here.

    Panthers _Win_ They are a running team and the Bears put the line together to stop the run. All reports say the LB's are improved and this is back to back weeks we need them to stop the run with the DL. Panthers have a good DL with G. Hardy at DE. He can apply pressure and Cutler will need to get rid of the ball. Luke Kuechly is one of the best LB's in the bussiness. On offense Cam Newton is limited at WR, especially since Steve Smith left town. They have a tandem of RB's with DeAngelo Williams and Stewart. Gregg Olson at TE is always a threat. This will be a good match up between Bears offense and Panthers Defense. Bears Defense should prevail and get the W

    Falcons. _Loss_ They were much better than last yr showed. The Road catches up with us.

    Miami_Win _ OLine in rebuild mode

    Patriots_Loss_ We should win but its Brady and Belicheck. We have more talent and I like our chances, just a lot of respect for B&B

    Prediction 6-2 or 5-3 worst case
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