From homeless to star of the week.

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    As Jonathan Williams bobbed and weaved and broke out into open field last week while turning in the single-most explosive offensive performance in Ottawa REDBLACKS history, there was one obvious question on the minds of 24,242 disbelieving and delirious fans at TD Place.
    The question: Just where was this prolific running back in the weeks when the REDBLACKS offence couldn’t seem to find an end-zone in their new home, too often scoring in single digits, averaging just 15 points a game and frustrating even the most patient in their fan base?
    The same fans were asking it again this week when the CFL selected Williams as the league’s offensive player of the week, which has to be considered something of a major award in light of the growing pains the REDBLACKS’s offence has experienced.

    In just his second game in an Ottawa uniform, Williams ran roughshod on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, scoring two touchdowns while carrying the ball 21 times for 180 yards – his best, a lift-the-fans-out-their-seat scamper in the second quarter that had fans thinking maybe this was the night – and catching two passes for another 49.
    So he was where?
    Truth be known, less than a month ago the hard-running back was back home in Greenville, North Carolina, hoping his cell phone would ring with a team in need of help in the backfield.
    “I was just on the couch…basically homeless,” said Williams, who speaks much softer than he runs. “I was doing (construction and landscaping) jobs here and there.... More.....
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    Hidden gems always exist. Players sometimes only shine under the spotlight. The problem in a team sport with so many positional needs is that you need to shine on the practice field in order to ever see the spotlight.
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