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    If you notice that someone is not in compliance with the Terms Of Service (i.e., trolling, vulgarity, nudity, personal attacks, etc.)... DO NOT ENGAGE THEM in the same manner and then report them.

    If you've engaged them, you are just as guilty. If you've offered a rebuttal to them, you are just as guilty. You need to IGNORE their violation, report it (if you desire) and move on as if it didn't happen.

    There is NO EXCEPTION in the Terms Of Service that allows you to fight back. If it's not allowed, it is NOT allowed regardless of when it is done, or by whom.

    If you participate and then report the other person, we'll simply ignore the report under the idea of "you reap what you sow".
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    Yeah, to back this up, if I see people going back and forth, I just ignore both offenses. What makes me laugh is that it's almost like two little kids in the back seat of the car. One hits the other, then that child hits back then yells for mom saying the other started it. lol

    To me, don't be sensitive. People may call you out for your opinion. Its not a big deal. Back it up. If you can't back it up, then explain why.

    It's not hard.

    I want to re-iterate the fact that we do NOT want to ban anyone. It's not easy to get banned on here. However, if you cross the line, we will let you know. If you continue to cross the line, specifically by coming at us like a drunk in a bar you probably will get banned.

    There isn't ONE staff member on here that is overly sensitive. So understand we are simply trying to keep the peace on here so others will want to be here.
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