Gretzky group eyes team for Seattle

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    Wayne Gretzky vying for NHL team

    Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky is among a group of investors hoping to bring an NHL team to Seattle, the New York Post reported Saturday.
    The newspaper, citing sources, reported that the Gretzky group is one of three looking to bring a team to the Pacific Northwest. It did not say whether those groups want to move an existing NHL team there or invest in a potential expansion team.
    NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly met with Seattle city officials in May to monitor the status of plans to build a new arena there.
    Investor Chris Hansen -- who nearly bought the Sacramento Kings last year and moved them to Seattle -- has the rights with the city to build a new arena, but he doesn't want to move ahead until he's secured an NBA franchise. He has no interest in owning an NHL team but has expressed the desire to have one owned by others as a tenant in his building.
    Bettman, though, downplayed any potential expansion talk after reports of the Seattle meeting surfaced.
    "Nothing has changed other than the well-chronicled visit to Seattle when we were in the neighborhood," he said in May.
    Gretzky, 53, declined comment to the Post on the report. The NHL did not return calls to the newspaper.


    Florida Panthers and Phoenix Coyotes need to get some moving boxes ready.

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