Having McCown start this game was a blessing in disguise

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BradMustersGhost, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Lots of Jay worship in that post...the excuse of him getting used to a new system is a fallacy. Josh had the same limitation and produced for 4 quarters per game coming off the bench. Jay has had the benefit to be playing all season.

    There is no doubt can be a better qb. He is more accurate and has a stronger arm. He is also a cowboy who resists throwing the ball away under pressure. (Which leads to his turn overs.). I hope he is back in the game and learns from this experience. He needs to play smarter to match his physical talent.

    If Jay is healthy, we need him on the field. But if we see a reanactment of the previous Lions game, put in McCown.
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    Is Jay the better QB?
    He may have a better arm than McCown, but that does not make him better. I would argue that Josh had nearly a complete game where he was being a good QB. Jay has been lucky to have two quarters, and in a couple of his games he had a single quarter of good play.

    I do hope that jay can become the smart QB that can master the system, because he has a higher ceiling but right now the last 6quarters has shown Josh is the better QB.
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