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    Hello Bears Fans!

    I am a graphic designer and teacher that is working on my Master of Fine Arts online with Savannah College of Art and Design. I am in a class where we are learning about typography and mark making. For my main project we must do a type analysis of anything of our choosing. Well obviously the long history of the NFL has me jumping at the opportunity to use them for my project. But I need help on this so here is my request, I am looking for high res photos of OFFICIAL signage, uniforms, pennants or gameday magazines of the name Bears or Chicago Bears from as far back as possible to today. Specifically on the name not so much the logo. I am collecting this into a book talking about the time periods that changes were made and possible reasons behind those changes but it will not be made for sale, this is purely a school project and I would be happy to send you my file when I am done if you are interested. You would get credit in the project for providing pictures. This project is due in 8 weeks so I have to get started on it ASAP. I have contacted the PR dept but just want to cover every base I have access to at this point.

    I am also going to be contacting the Giants, Redskins and Lions because all have longevity and history and will round out the book nicely with rivalries as well. I would really appreciate any and all help. I can give you my school email or number if you like but think this could be a really cool project when I am done.

    Thanks in advance I know this book could be great and really informative I just need a ton of help from some great fans!
    Tim Cox
    timcox20 (at) student.scad.edu

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