Here's some evidence that Cutler is doing better under Trestman's system

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Jimmors, Oct 11, 2013.

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    -Cutler has posted passer ratings over 90 in 5 of the 6 games this season. Something he has never done in the NFL until this year. His current passer rating is 95.2 through 6 games, higher than any other season average during his NFL career (his previous best was 86.3 in 2010)

    -Cutler has completed 66% of his passes thus far. The highest percentage of his career. He hasnt been over 60.5% (for the season) while with the Bears, and his previous best was 63.6% in 07 with Denver.

    -Cutler is averaging 2TD Passes per game, also the highest average of his career. If he continues this pace, and finishes the season with 32TD passes, that would eclipse his highest season total of 27 in 2009.

    -Cutler has 1,630 yards. This puts him on pace for 4,335 yards on the season. The only other time he eclipsed 4,000 yards was his probowl season in Denver, when he had 4,526 yards. To put it in another perspective, he only needs to average 200 yards passing per game for the remaining 10 games to eclipse his best total with the Bears (3,666 in 2009)

    -Cutler has 143 Completions through 6 games. This puts him on pace for 381 on the season, which would place him just shy of his career record of 384 completions he had guessed it...his 2008 Pro-bowl season.

    -His completions are based on 217 attempts thus far, on pace for 577 attempts on the season. This is more than any other season of his career, except for his 08 Probowl season, where he had 616 attempts. So, not only is Jay on track to have as many completions as he did in 08, he is doing it on fewer attempts.

    I think it is safe to say that in only one offseason under Marc Trestman, Jay is more accurate, more productive, and on track to have a career season. Credit should be given to Emery for acquiring the pieces on offense, and to Trestman for getting every ounce of ability out of Jay.
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    I've been pretty happy other then the high int's and fumbles lost, if they can reign that in I'll be estatic.
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    I think that all comes with the OL not blocking, and forcing him to force the ball.
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    With each game he seems to get more and more comfortable in the pocket. That is leading to fewer back foot throws into traffic, as he has done so many time in the past. I loved this last game that when he missed his passes, he was driving them, and putting them out in front of the WR where there was no chance of anyone else getting it. This is what the best QBs in the league do. Give your guy an opportunity, but no one else. I can't wait to see the game in GB. That will be the true litmus test for Jay and the offense.
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    I would also say having a real TE and WRs makes a huge difference.

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