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    okay so my auto draft team screwed me over something fierce, but i'm stil battling away at .500 but i'm actually in the middle of the pack. And worse, when I thought I had depth at RB, and weak at qb/wr I traded AMorris and EJ Manuel for Steven Johnson and Jay Cutler(the week before Johnson got hurt).

    I recovered by picking up LeVon Bell and Andre Ellington, but my WR's are still weak.

    Yestrday sitting in waiver wire I see ARodgers sitting there, now I know he's hurt for another few weeks, but who the hell drops ARodgers? I got him too. Now I just need the prick to get healthy and start tearing up the league.

    I'm hoping this propells me into the playoffs though. I'd be quite happy w/that after having 2 non draft worthy WR's 2 non draft worthy D's, and 6 RB's, only 3 of which were draft worthy.

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