How bout dem backers...Christian Jones Over Khaseem Greene at WLB

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    It's pretty disappointing to see one of our draft picks (even though it was only a fourth round pick) sizzle out in the spotlight of Soldier Field. Conversely, it's a positive sign that the team feels good enough about our UDFA Jones that they are willing to start him in place of Greene. I just hope this isn't a sign that the team is resigned to a losing season and are willing to get rookies reps rather than focus on winning games.
    Bears turn to undrafted rookie as linebackers' injuries continue
    Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker said earlier this week that linebacker Christian Jones was used in the fourth quarter of last Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins because the team wanted to see more from him.

    The Bears will continue along that path this Sunday at New England as Jones will start against the Patriots, replacing Khaseem Greene who had been starting in place of the injured Lance Briggs. The Bears are expected to be without Briggs (ribs) and Jon Bostic (back). Briggs is expected to return for the Nov. 9 game at Green Bay following the bye.

    Greene, who started on the weak side the last two weeks, struggled in the loss to the Dolphins but Tucker did not single him out. He looked slow attempting to cover tight end Charles Clay and misread one play that resulted in a 15-yard check down from quarterback Ryan Tannehill to running back Lamar Mills. Greene was running the opposite direction with his back to the play when Miller caught the ball in open space.

    “You know we play a lot of guys,” Tucker said Wednesday. “And Christian, obviously we like when he’s on the field. Khaseem didn’t play a perfect game. I don’t think any of us did and we all need to get better but we feel good with the group that we have, and we’ll continue to compete and practice and then we’ll see how the lineup shakes out for this weekend.”

    The Bears will likely have D.J. Williams with the base defense at middle linebacker with Darryl Sharpton replacing him in the nickel. Shea McClellin will start on the strong side. The Bears have already used five different starting combinations at linebacker with their top four all missing time to injuries already. Jones started on the strong side in the Week 6 victory at Atlanta.

    “I have been playing will in nickel some,” said Jones, an undrafted rookie from Florida State. “I am familiar with it. This week I have been prepping for it and been getting coached real well by Coach Reggie (Herring) and Coach Tucker. Those guys don’t let me slack. I think I will be prepared for this week.”
    It’s going to be a challenge facing Tom Brady and the Patriots, who have a finely tuned intermediate passing game. Jones has played well in man assignments but the Bears have been working with him to be better in zone recognition and coverage.

    “It is a great opportunity for me and right now I am just doing what I can to try to help out the team,” said Jones, who has 12 tackles and two quarterback pressures. “Credit goes to the older guys and they have been making me feel comfortable out there. They have been helping me out with confusing stuff and I have been getting a lot of positive feedback.”
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    Bel, I don't think any coach is going to sign off for the season because there jobs are at stake. We as fans can come to the rational realization that it is over, but they don't have that luxury.

    Regarding the LB moves, I am encouraged that Mel is making adjustments. I would prefer to stick with Greene and bench Shea, but I like getting Jones more reps if he is ready. I have seen improvement in Greene's play this year and think if he continues to progress could be a Briggs replacement. I don't think Lance or DJ will be back next year.
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    Sadly our 1st round pick looked slow, and awkward trying to cover Clay, he then fell down leaving Clay open for an easy TD.

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