How to Prevent Broken Images on DaBears

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    Are you tired of posting images from other websites, just to have them disappear?

    Well, back before the "Big Button Push" day, we used to host them on here. That way we could keep thread alive, and images posting forever (well, unless I hit a button).

    So this is a How-To host images on here for your use.

    Step 1: Click Media at the top Menu Bar
    Step 2: Click Add Media on the Right Side


    Step 3: Either Click "Add to a Category (If Chicago Bears Related), or Click Add to Album (To add to your personal photo/video album)
    Step 4: Click the drop down menu
    Step 5: Select Create an Album, or select an existing one:


    Step 6: If Creating a New Album, name it, and set up your permissions. In order to post it in threads, it needs to be seen by everyone.
    Step 7: Click Create An Album.


    Step 8: Either Hit Add Media or Paste the URL of the image you are trying to add.
    Step 9: Click This "+" Symbol. The site ( will download that file from the site you pasted, and upload it here for hosting. Depending on how big it is, will depend on how long it takes to show just below this box, automatically. Typically it only takes a few seconds to grab.


    Step 10: If you want to Automatically name all the images by a certain name click the Set All. If you want to name them manually, you can do so here as well. If you are lazy, just click the little Pencil icon and it will auto name it for you.
    Step 11: Click Save Media.


    Almost done. Now to figure out how to get the image code to past into threads or other sites:

    Step 12: Click Your Albums on the Left Menu
    Step 13: Click the Album you want to pull the image from.


    Step 14: If you want to edit the image or alter it, go to this section.
    Step 15: Here is where you can grab the code. See the Box on the left, click those to automatically paste the code to the clip board. (CTRL-V) will paste it to your thread, or post.


    This should help you host images on here so that they remain live! If you have questions, please ask.

    I didn't cover videos, but it's very similar.

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