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    Hagemann would not piss me off but would definitely raise my eyebrows. He can play any position on the line and without looking up the stats I believe he had the most tackles for loss of all the d-linemen the last 2 yrs. He is not the safe pick here but probably has the highest ceiling, has size, has power. He has ridden the down cycle in the mock drafts and big boards and is climbing them again, read an article he has a chip on his shoulder and is pissed for some of the bad publicity written about him being lazy and is ready to kick some A.. I think Hageman would be an exciting and surprising pick to say the least in rd 1 but fits the K Long type of pick.

    I was originally high on Mosley and still am but worried about all his injuries the more I dig into him. I like the Gilbert at FS and slide him into CB as needed, I think Fuller fits this role as well. If we could get the Future CB in place and he can contribute in Nickel and S positions immediately I am not opposed. Something I do not believe has been discussed here but what if somebody like Gilbert is drafted and beats out either Peanut or Jennings. Hmmmm. I personally like Peanut over Jennings but would Jennings or Peanut move to FS or nickel position. Just thinking out loud here but odder things have happened.
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    P nut might move to nickel, but I know he would sooner retire then play S, he's made that loud and clear multiple times in multiple interviews.

    Hageman and Nix fit into the versatility that Emery seems to want, Donald fits into the best pass rusher.
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