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    Interesting concepts. I like the idea of Telvin Smith as a SS since he is a tweener. This article gives some ways to change some things up. Not sure we are that creative but Buddy Ryan came up with 46 Defense, not sure what you may call this one.

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    I like the idea...if it works. I have always thought that if you could come up with a scheme (either offensive or Defensive) that could capitalize on the athleticism of some of these kids that don't fit in the typical box, and thus find them in the later rounds, then you could turn a team around on a dime. The problem is it's a real gamble, because if your premise is wrong and you "Go for it" you can set your team back, which is why true pioneers are so rare; it takes balls. I like the idea though.

    Heres the thing, there are plenty of guys that are "perfect" physical specimens for certain positions, but they aren't always perfect "mental" specimens. I'll take a guy that falls "a little" shy on the size chart if he out "physicals" and out "Thinks" the perceived perfect guy.
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